ah sunflower analysis

The sunflower lives as a slave of time and wish to attain immortality. Blake asks the reader to question the nature of the ‘sweet golden clime' to which the sunflower aspires. Ah! In the second stanza the sunflower dies, “shrouded in snow” winter comes and the snow covers the sunflower. This implies that the sun-flower has lived for a long time and has gained the experience acquired through life and its events. at the sun, yet it is firmly rooted in the earth is Blake’s symbol for all The ‘sweet golden clime' appears an appealing destination. conveys the speaker's sympathy for the sunflower's hopes. Neither mark predominates. However, its content entails much more than the name suggests. The. Pay attention: the program cannot take into account all the numerous nuances of poetic technique while analyzing. Their naïveté blinds them to the bitter side of life gained from experience while their youth shields them from the grueling affects of time and old age. ATTENTION: Please help us feed and educate children by uploading your old homework! The poem Ah!Sunflower is an illustrated poem published as part of Songs of Experience in 1794. image from Ovid’s Metamorphoses. The first pair of words expresses that the “clime,” or atmosphere of this other realm is characterized by timelessness (3). Sun-flower! Weary of time belongs to a special class of poems capable of projecting vivid symbolism and instill a thought process with little textual phrases. The sunflower’s goal is to be able to rise to the sun. That’s why I’ve introduced the theme, the Blake initially introduces the flower as being “weary of time” (1). The phrase, ‘pine away’ bears special significance as it may also refer to ‘Narcissus of Ovid’s Metamorphoses. free. Since the sunflower represents the human spirit I think that the sunflower desiring to be with the sun is kind of like the human desire to end their journey in heaven. they would continue to seek for the Golden world as haunted spirits! The “Sun,” which exudes an enormous amount of light, exemplifies the illumination of the higher plane because it is used in conjunction with the word “done” (2, 4). Article last reviewed: 2019 | St. Rosemary Institution © 2010-2020 | Creative Commons 4.0. robbed of their appetite for love. Sunflower - Language, tone and structure. Therefore, even with the touch of death, the innocents cannot reach the higher plane. The sunflower represents a man who is bound to earth, but is pinning for eternity. While the youth and the virgin are human in nature, the sunflower is not. The very beginning is extraordinary and The very first line enthralls the readers to the uniqueness of the poem. The two words in combination elucidate the flower’s relationship to mankind. : analysis of Ah! i appreciate the way these lines are made comprehensible…, Analysis of On Another’s Sorrow by William Blake, The Good Morrow Analysis by John Donne as a Metaphysical Poem. The sunflower lives on earth where it is dominated by time. of the poem. Ah, Sunflower! William Blake was an English poet, painter and print maker. It only takes seconds! In mythology, the nymph Clytie dies from unrequited love for Hyperion, the sun god. The idea of the ‘weary' flower seeking where the ‘traveller's journey is done' sounds attractive and the ‘Ah!' The sunflower is used a a potent symbol of desire. It is the earthly pathos that are made to coincide with the image of the sunflower. Narcissus on seeing his reflection on water, falls in love and later transforms himself into a flower of melancholy after his own name. textual phrases. wishes to do: the sunflower wishes to go to the golden world where everybody is The technical name for a verse, or a regular repeating unit of so many lines in a poem. This word personifies the sunflower by giving it a human emotion. The idea of pessimism emanates on thinking the wintering away of Investigating structure and versification, Copyright © crossref-it.info 2020 - All rights reserved.

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