aviation conference 2020

} EVENTS. As aviation continues to reel from the sudden collapse of the air transport system, its challenges are compounded by the need to meet ambitious climate change goals going forward, while also meeting sustainability commitment. - Hover color */ Join us for the 2020 Aviation Week Program Excellence Awards The 2020 Program Excellence Awards will bring together program executives, their customer counterparts, and leaders from across the industry to recognize the best in performance and leadership. Why Going to an Aerospace & Defense TradeShow. } The event will take place from March 31 to April 5, 2020. We had speakers covering the federal and state scene as well as providing vital information and education to our members. /* ======================================= background: #32cc6f !important; The event will be held sometime in September 2020 with dates to be released at a later time. /* background */ /* color hover */ .atbd_manage_fees_wrapper .table tr .action p .btn-block:hover, /* ======================================= /* Badge New */ - Hover color .atbd_content_active #directorist.atbd_wrapper .atbd_badge.atbd_badge_featured, This scholarship has been funded through generous donations from members and non-members alike. .atbd_content_active #directorist.atbd_wrapper.dashboard_area .user_pro_img_area .user_img #remove_pro_pic, As a result of the increase in aircraft production, there is now a backlog of around 14,000 aircraft in the global market. Exponential focus on unmanned vehicles and technologies for air, sea and land applications. As indicated by its name, this event focus on the MRO market but you will find all the main OEM and TIER 1. The OAA is asking for your help! */ background: #222222 !important; color: #ffffff !important; /* Color */ The Ohio Aviation Association promotes aviation by advocating on behalf of airports in Ohio, communicating the economic benefits of Ohio airports and the aviation industry, as well as educating and engaging its members and the public. .atbd_content_active #directorist.atbd_wrapper .atbd_give_review_area #atbd_up_preview .atbd_up_prev .rmrf:hover, They will have numerous security experts and airline managers to learn from at their trade fair and conference at this event. .default-ad-search .submit_btn .btn-default:hover, This event will be located in Calgary, Canada and is from June 23 to June 25, 2020. .atbd_content_active #directorist.atbd_wrapper .widget.atbd_widget .atbd_badge.atbd_badge_featured { The OAA honored each recipient with a short video! border-top-color: #444752 !important; border-color: #131469 !important; .pricing .price_action .price_action--btn:hover, .atbd_content_active .widget.atbd_widget[id^='bd'] .atbd_badge.atbd_badge_close, .atbd_content_active #directorist.atbd_wrapper.dashboard_area .user_pro_img_area .user_img #remove_pro_pic:hover, Outline Light Primary #directorist.atbd_wrapper .at-modal .at-modal-close:hover, .atbd_content_active #directorist.atbd_wrapper .atbd_submit_btn_wrapper .more-filter, border: 1px solid #444752 !important; This show just have all the main players of the industries and you can witness each year the battle of contracts announcement between Airbus and Boeing.

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