board foot price calculator

This gives you the cost of the board. In other words, if you try to buy three boards of oak that measure out to 6.72 BF, 5.69 BF and 7.71 BF, the lumberyard might try to round each board up to 7, 6 and 8 respectively. Do you mean that a piece 10.6" wide was actually counted as 11" wide for hardwoods? Question Enter number of pieces by Thickness, Width, and Length. Let’s say the price of each board foot is $4.15. This makes your question a good question indeed, as many people do not know how to calculate BF correctly. Results will be calculated automatically. 2x4- .667 The numbers in the timber pricing report are per 1,000 board feet. $450 x 1.5 = $675 per thousand board feet $450 x 1.7 = $765 per thousand board feet Therefore, the price range you can pay for red oak on the stump is $35 to $125 per thousand board feet, based on your cost figures ($800 minus total costs). Something Gene didn't mention at length that used to give me trouble is that I always measured fewer board feet in the lumber than my supplier had billed me for, until I found out that they round boards up to the next full inch that measure a whole number plus a half an inch. Once you know the cost of a particular board at its price per board foot, divide that dollar amount by the number of lineal feet in the board and that will be the cost per lineal ft. For example: an eight foot long board that is 10" wide and sells for $5.00 per brd. Worse than that, however, is that some folks will add anywhere from 6% to 15% to account for shrinkage. As a buyer of KD lumber, you will get the best deal if the lumber is graded after KD, but before planing. This board foot calculator allows you to quickly estimate the volume of hardwood lumber you want to buy. The Calculator. Length (ft.) Board Feet (BF) Remove; Add new row Reset form: Total Board Feet: Board foot calculator. To calculate board footage use the following formulas: The most common mistake made in calculating board footage is forgetting to multiply by the thickness. Lumber Board Footage Calculator. Now Mobile Friendly, take this lumber calculator with you when you’re in the lumber yard or on the road with your smartphone!. I used those terms because I'm a builder, but I'm also a woodworker. 22' x 3/8 (4.5"/12")x 5/4 (1.25)x $4.23/bd ft= $43.62. The Board Foot Calculator is a simple online tool for calculating board feet without a complicated formula. Now that you have the number of board feet in the wood slab, you can use the price per board foot to calculate your cost; meaning that if the wood seller offers the wood at $20/bf, based on the above calculations, your cost would be: 30 bf x $20/bf = $600 for the wood slab. Let’s assume the cost for one board foot is $6.50.$$\text {Total cost = 6.50 × 18.75 = \$121.88}$$ $33.00 divided by 8(8 feet)= approx $4.12 per lineal foot, Start with the easiest, 2x12 (8/4x12). We sell most of our unfinished Live Edge Wood Slabs at an average price of $20 per board foot, which is considered to be wholesale price by market standards. Phone: (604) 886-8141 Fax: (604) 886-2823 Last, divide the cost of the board by the number of feet in its length. 2x5- .833 The most that wood shrinks is 6% anyway, so values over 6% are a rip off indeed. Our calculator works out the board feet of standard three dimensional wood material based on the measurements you provide. You simply enter the length, width and thickness of your boards, and how many of them you have, to easily determine the total number of board feet.. When calculating board feet, you are determining what the total volume of wood you have is. This is called your return-to-log (RTL) calculation. Lumber can be graded green, then after kiln drying and then after planing. Most common materials used for wall sheathing is either plywood or OSB (oriented strand board), Exterior Wall Sheathing + Cost Calculator, Plywood or OSB Sheathing Cost Comparing Calculator, Plywood Sheathing # of Sheets for Wall or Floor Calculator, Stud Length Increase - Gable Wall Framing, Wall Section, Stud and Plate Cost (Metric), Deck Material plus Cost for Joist and Decking, Number of Pales Needed for a Deck Railing, Drop in Inches from a Slope in a Percentage, Number of Stair Risers Based on Building Code, Stair Slope in Degrees and Rise and Run Relationships, Price of one sheet of 4' x 8' OSB (oriented strand board). 2x6- 1 2x10- 1.667 Board foot calculator. The result of that division is the total board feet in the board/timber. Calculate the cost per square foot. length in feet and inches; width or height in feet and inches; Price of one sheet of 4' x 8' plywood; Price of one sheet of 4' x 8' OSB (oriented strand board) The Results. Instructions Fill out all of the fields in the yellow-shaded area, then click the "Calculate" button. After viewing your results, you may change some or all of your inputs and recalculate the results.

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