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(One year ago i didnt know why anyone would want to use that last sentence ). Trainee instructors are given the task of planning, preparing and delivering these sessions in their own style and with their own emphasis, we are not in the business of producing Woodcraft School clones who teach exactly what we teach, in the way that we teach it. Frontier Bushcraft provides a range of bushcraft courses from a one-day foundation to weekends sampling different skill-sets to week-long full-immersion courses.. 1. Links; About Us. This set of activities can also be used as a session or half day and combined with any other activities: Deers Leap and Blackland Farm are on the same lane so travel time is minimal – you can even walk between the two very quickly. I’ve always loved the outdoors but came into bushcraft after retirement. © 2020 Woodcraft School Ltd. All Rights Reserved, Certificate in Bushcraft Leadership – Level 4, Practical Ethnobotany and Plant Identification – Level 4, Certificate in Applied Bushcraft – Level 4, Woodland Management Conservation and Recreation – Level 4, Certificate of Bushcraft Leadership 9 Days. But I did it! The programme is designed to ease you into what is a challenging and yet rewarding experience. Students are also welcome to arrive the night before the module starts if they have a long way to travel. Kingston Road, Lewes The range of experience within these are vast from countryside professionals to complete novices so your need to adapt enhances the learning process and gives you a wide range of skills and activities to draw on in the future. We has a wonderful time at the Bushcraft Course and I just wanted to say thanks for running a great centre and doing a great course! Don’t be put off by anything…. I am sure I'm just echoing everyone else's comments here but here we go anyway. Wishing to upgrade my skill base and knowledge, to assist me in my capacity as an instructor with my then employer, I enrolled on John’s course. Assessment takes several forms depending on the subject matter and will include observation, and assignments. I hope I can do the Level 4 Instructors Course justice in my review, I hope by reading this if you are undecided it will inspire you to take the next step and sign up. They are selected from groups within the local community who might otherwise struggle to attend a bushcraft course. Upon completing the leadership course if students feel that they want to see Woodcraft School courses in action, we offer a volunteer placement where in return for helping with the cooking and preparation etc there is an opportunity to see firsthand life on the other side of the fence. Even in adverse weather conditions, the team managed to deliver a safe & productive set of lessons which the pupils enjoyed and flourished. The award level is set at level 4 by using national benchmarks. I learned a lot, as I have on all the Woodcraft school courses I have attended, but this course pulled  all the learning together. Many bow drill sets were thrown angrily across the woods, and bow staves close to breaking point. Could I remain disciplined in my studies? We aim to produce instructors who can individually cope with anything our climate can throw at them before they consider taking clients into the woods which is why we have skills based courses as entry requirements. Our survival courses are designed to take the beginner from those very first steps all the way to training in our Global Environments Training packages. I feel now that i can do anything. Thanks to you both for all that you do and bring to the world! Would I fall behind? What a brilliant course! Home Courses Certificate in Bushcraft Leadership – Level 4, A 3 day Track and sign workshop followed by a 2 day evaluation, 2020 dates available for track and sign and trailing, An excellent exploration into the world of plants and trees. I needn’t have worried on all counts (there are no wolves in West Sussex, a fact I learned early on in the course). I find myself so much more confident in what I teach and what I know. Yes, at times I felt under real pressure, yes I got annoyed at myself, the weather, the commitment, to name but three. If you are serious about learning wilderness skills and understanding the natural world around you, then this is the platform from which to do it. was outstanding. and learned some incredibly valuable skills….now whats next!? I learnt so much about myself over the course of the ‘Academic Year’. On a serious note do not underestimate how good for you this course will be, the woods are a great balancer and a therapeutic place to be and if you’re considering this course as a serious outdoors person, you won’t need me to tell you that anyway!I sincerely had the most amazing year, with the most amazing peer group, with the most amazing teachers, John and Phil. In fact this was the best thing the Cubs said we did during this year. I signed up to the NCFE year long course thinking I understood the intense year ahead. However the thing that became more and more apparent to me throughout the leadership course is that the skills that our ancestors had were far greater then we commonly possess today and in most cases could even conceive. Our outdoor preparation courses suit any taste or any level of experience. Family Bushcraft Day Courses; Individual Tuition; Natural Navigation Day Courses; Open camp fire/wild food cooking day Courses; Home. This is where Bushcraft subjects fascinate me because everything is like a matrix it all has its place and interlinks and everything ultimately is intrinsically linked to an overall bigger picture. Adventure awaits. Students are invited to apply for this course upon completion of the Certificate in Applied Bushcraft. The kids had a really good time ...You organised everything and made everything really easy for us ..Hoping to organise another one for next year……, https://trekco.com/testimonials/gcse-pe-trip/. I cannot praise this course highly enough and recommend anyone wishing to improve their relevant skills to enrol. Of course technology rightly has its place and we can do many, many more amazing things with such technology. We rely heavily on technology for just about everything and have evolved using different materials and machines. how are you going to harvest a stave for a bow? To highlight but one example of how different skill and knowledge sets come into to the whole Bushcraft arena, if you don’t know how to fell a tree? Would I do it all again?….. But through all the studying, the tests, the gale force winds and wild weathers I have to say it was one of the best adventures I’ve had.

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