captain hook once upon a time

He then lunges forward to stop her, but David holds him back from interfering. However, Mr. Gold blackmails him, with a security tape from the old man's house, which implicates Hook. One day, Rumplestiltskin arrives to bring his wife home, and she initially refuses, until seeing her son Baelfire wander in and call for her. The three of them are then confronted by the Evil Queen who wants to make clear just how pointless the savior is by taking she and her associates "off the chess board", literally by teleporting them all far away. But in the present version of Hook, we would see him wearing a black leather vest. ("Breaking Glass"), As Belle, David, Henry, Mary Margaret, Mr. Gold and Regina gather at the sheriff station, Hook is present as the assembled group watch the footage Emma previously showed him. Instead, she cuffs Hook and has him arrested for assault and criminal harassment. ("It's Not Easy Being Green"), Hook is at the docks when Mr. Smee talks to him about returning to the pirate life, but Hook refuses, wanting to stay in town. Later on, as Rumple crosses the line, he says farewell to Belle. Shortly after, Emma manages to unveil the map. Instead, she is grateful that he did not keep quiet about Neal's alive status. Hook hears a scuffle, rushing up to help, but finds Emma alone and Walsh gone. Things cool down only when Neal forces him to hand over the box Some time later, Hook is approached by Emma about an alternative to removing David's ties to the island because of the Dreamshade cure. She is disgusted and makes him swear he's sorry on the name of the woman he loves, and he swears on Emma Swan. He gives his condolences upon hearing of Cora's death, and pulls at Regina's heart by talking about the one thing Cora wanted for her daughter was to see her win. As he is dying, Hook tells the latter about how he lost his daughter and entrusts Killian with a rook chess piece, which he asks him to give to his daughter if he ever finds her. Mary Margaret tells David about her longing for another child while he finally tells her about the price of the Dreamshade cure. Killian begins having doubts, but Liam ignores his brother's fears and they go on to find the Dreamshade on Dead Man's Peak. Sometime after this, Emma calls him to the sheriff's office, where she reassures him that it's okay to have secrets, but he should not lie to her about it. After pretending to throw the shears into the sea, Hook rows back to the harbor, where he meets up with Emma and assures her everything has been taken care of. Hook explains that the barrier surrounds Storybrooke and the wall itself brought down several power lines, which caused the blackout. ("New York City Serenade"), Hook reunites with Mr. Smee and some of his old pirate crew, but unfortunately, they're unable to find the Jolly Roger. The gift is an enchanted heart and Cora uses it to control Aurora. Upset about how this news will affect her people, as the bean was their only hope of returning home, Guinevere believes they must do something to raise everyone's spirits, leading Henry to suggest a town dance as a much-needed distraction. She is now dressed in the attire of which a Dark One would, and reveals to Hook and the others that they've failed to remove the darkness from her, and now they must all pay. ("The Evil Queen"), Greg has Regina tied up with the intentions of torturing her until she admits where his father is. When Henry's gone, Hook is confronted by Liam, who tries killing him, only for Henry to return and step in, allowing the two brothers to bury the hatchet when Liam makes the choice not to allow another young boy to grow up with a heart full of hate. Mr. Gold tasks Hook with using the hat on the nuns, who are currently working on a counter spell to ward off Ingrid's curse. ("Heart of Gold"), Hook learns from Regina that Mr. Gold is in league with Zelena, who has been pretending to be Marian this whole time. When Rumplestiltskin attempts to rescue her, Killian agrees to relent only if he wins a duel against him. Via phone, he warns Emma about Mr. Gold's motive to absorb her into a hat and take all her magic. Since the Shadow is mostly solitary, they can capture it without going near Pan. Killian directs Lewis to sail there, despite the helmsman's warning that the mist causes hallucinations and can drive people mad. Nemo is happy to see that Hook has taken his advice and set aside revenge in order to find a family, but Hook shows pangs of guilt and admits that he did something to destroy the very family that he's trying to be a part of. One morning, he meets Emma outside the pawnshop, giving her a cup of coffee, before they walk to the library. He reveals Cora has denied him passage to Storybrooke and revenge, so he’s doing the same to her. Besides the fact the villains want Emma to become evil, they are going to use the Author to turn her. In turn, this caused Cora to unwillingly abandon Zelena after birth. With Mother Superior's magic, the Apprentice is freed and ushers everyone to find the door illustration for imprisoning Isaac. Hook, along with Snow, David, Regina, and Zelena, is later frozen by Mr. Gold after he steals Regina's freezing potion. Hook thanks her, but she reveals it's not a rescue and fires a dart at him into his neck to knock him out as well. He apologizes to his old friend for all the dispute that took place between then regarding Emma and the two of them make amends with Hook giving Neal a ten minute head start to escape the hospital and aid the search for Rumple. When she asks about Cora's "things" on his ship, namely the giant that was hidden on it, Hook reveals that the giant has already on the loose somewhere in Storybrooke. To help them understand where Merlin is, Arthur shows them a tree in the courtyard which the sorcerer is trapped in, and when he asks which of them is the prophesied savior, Regina claims the title, in order to keep Arthur from finding out Emma is the Dark One. Emma's attempt to counter with magic only angers the monster, who knocks her away and blows everyone off their feet. They adopt the aliases Prince Charles and Princess Leia, but Snow White is sighted upstairs before she's able to steal the ring, which Emma finds. When at her funeral, the shadow attacks, but Tinker Bell manages to kill it and regain her wings in the process, bringing Blue back to life also by returning her shadow to her. As an upset Mary Margaret storms out, David goes to console her. When they reach the outside city, Jekyll provides the heroes with a backstory of this land, which is home to people of all backgrounds that have fled from various dangers. That night, Hook talks about Emma's distrust of him. Aladdin, curious about Jasmine's private chat with Hook, prods the pirate about the conversation, with an impatient Hook noting that, for two people who are in love, they're terrible at communicating with each other. Mr. Gold warns him that the hand, once reattached, will reignite his old personality, but Hook believes he is bluffing. Hook simply apologizes and proceeds to help Belle as she carries out her research, but their book rummaging is cut short when Neal busts into the shop. After revealing to the crew what type of man their king is, Kilian rallies them into deferring from the king's service and embracing the life of pirates "with honor" instead. Later, Emma shows up to confront him about the camera strap she found at the written address—Neal's apartment—which has Henry's name on it. Hook and Regina travel down to the basement level of the clock tower where inside a cave hides the "fail-safe".

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