centurylink corporate office contact information

I put in a call to our lawyer, and will get him involved in CL does not resolve this immediately! Usually, with capitalism, this kind of company is quickly squashed out of existence but not here. I AM A COLLEGE STUDENT THAT WORKS ONLINE SO I NEED MY INTERNET SERVICE. Also, I was promised by the last supervisor that he would look into who was president and get back to me Saturday. I called and cancelled my account the first week in January and they finally shut the phone off July 15th for non-payment. Its very very unprofessional. over 5000 people have reported what u just did. I am a 70 year old 100% disabled vet and I live alone. Sorry I have to remain anonymous. Unfortunately, I'm stuck paying $78 a month just for my internet service since they are the only company that provides service in my area. I AM PISSED OFF BECAUSE I AM GETTING NO WHERE IS THIS HOW YOU TREAT YOUR' LOYAL CUSTOMER'S ? Noscript does have the ability to partially allow scripts, and this is enough to allow other important commercial sites such as my bank's site to work just fine. I'm a senior citizen on a fixed income and to promise me a $300 gift card and then yank it away takes the lowest form of rotting scum. I will be connecting corporate today and only paying what I owe which is internet only. From there you may be able to connect with the corporate office. My internet has been droping and randomly connecting internet for the last month and a half. When I called to check on the ticket, I was told by yet another incompetent customer service representative that the ticket had not been assigned. Their excuse is I am too far away from the box, yet the box is at the end of my street. I wish I kept comcast. I called centurylink (cl) December 3, 2013 to get information for internet service only. No body you talk to through their vicious cycles knows what is going on and everyone tells you different. I was also told that to go back to my original monthly rate would cost me more, so I was told it makes more sense to pay more this month. Well...that is REALLY NOT customer service. Our CenturyLink phone service went out last Friday, right after they hooked up our neighbor's phone. Thank you for nothing except taking our money!!! Well six oclock rolled around and no phone call and no service tech. I ask for a supervisor and got a woman with an attitude. Everyone needs to flood the Corporate Fax machine with complaints:The President and CEO is Glen F. PostFax: 866-865-0346Corporate Phone: 1-318-388-9000. You haven't turned my service on yet! He goes to the eye doctor on an average of twice a month. But any issues should be called into said corp. and allowed to be rectified. "When copper wears out, nobody really wants to replace it with more copper." A few months after we moved I realized that I was still being billed (thought it was a mistake the first time I got a bill). Century Link is looking at law suits to start coming there way for not giving disclosures besides for cheating their customers left and right. CENTURY LINK CANNOT SEEM TO GET THEIR BILLING DOWN TO A REASONABLE SORT OF CONSISTENCY. Their answer 3rd person was $46.00 Plus tax. This is the worst company i ever dealt with Ihave brighthouse at home and now problem the come out the same day and he even had to run a new phone line in my house and no charge. I called to pay my bill and ask some question and 6 hours later after being lied to by numerous employed personal that don't know there job, that I still don't have the bill paid. Left a note on the door saying they repaired something. has anyone on this site written Mr Post? I KEEP TELLING THEM TO TAKE ME OFF THE MAIL LISTS FOR EVER. They overcharged me on my bill and didn't give me the "Goodwill Discount" of one month free due to the instability of their service and hassle of having to constantly call them. Typo...Xfinity will be less EXPENSIVE and faster in speed! I was told that I need to call my Card company to have the right amount sent for payment, the care company had to call and help me and then the finance department in century link tried to tell me I misunderstood what I was told. IM IN AGREEMENT WITH EVERYONE HERE, CENTURYLINK HAS NO BUSINESS BEING IN BUSINESS. When the DVR hard drive crashed, I decided to give Centurylike a try. I have had my phone service with QUEST with no problems,,,, since century link took over it's been a night mare!!!! Billing says I have to talk to financial and financial says I have to talk to billing. I gave them my new address 8 times. I was of course charged a re-connection fee the first one was $55.00 and the second one was $51.00 I am waiting on the third one. Really so you can see this in your notes but instead of fixing the issue you still insist on going through this making it seem as though I owe you money for a service I cancelled almost 3 months ago now. Everytime i call they say there is nothing wrong with it. Address: 100 CenturyTel Drive Monroe, LA 71203 USA Corporate Office: 1-318-388-9000 Fax Number: 1-318-388-9562Don't call customer service 1+888-665-5193 you'll have no luck.BBB Denver 303-758-2100It's up to us a customers to follow through, because it's not going to change without it. huge criminal operation and racketeering going on at this company and government offices r in bed with them all! I then requested a supervisor who told me that it was a good fee and I had to pay it. Think I'm done... Not even! CenturyLink Headquarters Information: CenturyLink is the 2nd biggest United Status communication provider in the world. Complaint volume filed with BBB for business of this size. I will do all I can in his lifetime to discourage ANYONE from using their SUBSTANDARD service ! I have been working with them on my pension, which they seem to have lost track of! I called back and NOBODY could find me in the system (so they claimed) and when they finally did find me they said they couldnt complete my transaction without double charging my credit card! THE EMPLOYEES SAY ONE THING OVER THE PHONE BUT IN REALITY, IT IS A "LIE". So I have to wait because some idiotic employee botched things?--I eventually spoke with two levels of supervisors. In the same conversation I stated I wanted to switch to the higher prism plan which cost $5 a month more and is it true I would lost all my discounts if I did that- I was told no problem, that I would definitely not lost all my discounts and I was correct that it would only be $5 a month more. This is the absolute worst company I have ever dealt with. BBB is reaching out to the business to address the allegations. !I will attempt to write to Corporate..(aha).We are cancelling all our services!! when you are unable to have one, they don't stop the bundle. Will that happen? this company is insanely criminal and getting much worse. I asked Century Link about it and they said "They aren't showing it because we paid it and it's not going to go away until either you pay or Directv pays it". GOD BLESS AND GOOD LUCK. NO ONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have to change the channel before I throw something at the TV! I asked and how much will my new bill be? They also had my home phone # wrong, and said I had 2 home phone lines. Really. Once that happens they treat you like shit and raise the price on you. Hope you get back exactly what you give out BITCH! Me and my girlfriend split up, the phone was in her name, when I tried to pay it off I was advised that I could not and I could not stop that service either! I wouldn't bundle Direct TV because it was going to cost more than what I am paying for Direct TV now. This is the worst company ever...I set up a bundle with direct t.v where they checked my credit and took a deposit and they transferred me to a centurylink rep where she did the same thing 2 credit checks and 2 deposits later I was trapped in now. Half the time I call, they dont speak english. This next guy spoke great English and was very pleasant, said he couldn't help me. All I can say is that CenturyLink SUCKS!!!! Of course, No one showed up. I also talked with a neighbor and was informed the same thing happened to him a month ago. Complain to the authorities as much as you can to get this company out. Last month I indicated on the back of my statement an automatic bill pay to my credit card, and, of course, my new bill does not reflect that and they are telling me, I never signed up for automatic bill pay because they are too lazy to turn the statement over and see I authorized it on the statement. This best company provides television, Internet, and Offer Phone Servies in the world with the best user experience. I scheduled this since Monday and no one calls me to tell me this. My e-mail is [email protected]. Stop letting them get rich...Someone needs to go public...They wouldn't like if we put our bills on the morning or 6 o'clock news would they they might or might not try to fix this...think of all the people who don't fight and just pay we our supposed to be a valuabl customer so why they treat us like another pay check...cause that's it 1 of our bills is their weekly pay check what 200 dollers we have to save all month for they get in one week and then some, I waited 3 weeks for service and then 2 weeks later had to pay a bill, SUE JUST FOR THE SICKENING STRESS AND NOT ABLE TO EAT BECAUSE THEIR CHARGING YOU TOO MUCH. I called the Technical Support and the lady was laughing and saying I am sorry but their was a pending on your account due to construction. CUSTOMER SERVICE ALSO SUCKS, VERY RUDE AND HARD TO TALK TO. I know what it feels like!! Fire all the idiots from India! Next step, attorney? WOW!!!!!! He (Kevin) also told me that he could see on my account that I had never requested a credit before and have never been issued one yet was very rude and still refused to even consider giving me one. this company and all corporations can get away with fraud as government officials aides their crimes. One lady kept telling me that she could hook me up temporarily with MSDN and I KEPT telling her I could not use a dial up connection. There was no order put in so basically I was SOL. I had scholarship deadlines that needed to be met, but they did not care when I called. They are still sending me collection notices, have not refunded me anything, AND, they completely ignored a letter I sent them in January disputing the bill and asking for my refund. better do it while you can. What if everyone with Century Link doesn't pay their bill next month? But I'm going to write them anyway. My phone DOES NOT get messages sent timely (up to 24 hours past the call they come through) My phone does not ring, show caller ID any more and I have been intentionally done harm by your repair service as well as SHAWN AND JOHN (same lying person who said he was head of "escalation control" and hear laughing in the background! I feel like a mouse trying to take on a giant. I will not recommend the Centurylink liars and cheaters and scam artists to anyone. She's now on the call for the second time and has been transferred to 8 different people and the rep goes wow looking at the notes this has been going on for quite some time. At this point I don't know if I should complain to the Attorney General about the billing practices and perhaps they can get the phone calls pulled??? Our country has lost its ability to function due to all of the corporate greed! WHATEVER Finally now they are saying there is an exhaust in our area and they are not accepting new cusotmers. When we tried to respond, she disconnected the call...very professional...not! I told them then I would only pay what I was suppose to pay for what I set up in May with bundling a land line. We have excellent credit and that is why CenturyLink’s inability to keep accurate records is so unacceptable. My next call is to the BBB. Which is a total lie becuse everyone around me has it. IF I WERE TO TREAT MY CUSTOMERS THIS WAY I WOULD RUN MY BOSSES COMPANY INTO THE GROUND. So I called the number on the card and got some guy that didn't speak very good English, he said he couldn't help me, so he gave me a number in case, then transferred me.

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