does selling a house affect disability benefits

For all other conditions, the next step is to determine if your medical condition meets the specific criteria for that condition. Selling your home shouldn't interfere with your benefits, which are based on earned income and disability, but you should notify your counselor so he is aware of the situation and can help you plan how best to use your benefits during the sale. Back in 2015 I sold my home because i was no longer able to care for it. Sis said I was no longer needed there, that they could make it on what my bro in law makes. It used to be that receiving a significant amount of money or property would likely disqualify you from getting SSI, but not SSDI. So now Im stuck. It’s generally better if the test results are already in your medical record before you apply. Supplemental Security Income (SSI) is a needs-based program that is designed to help disabled individuals who have not worked, not worked much, or not worked recently. Hi Larry. Your first step should be making sure that you have sufficient medical records for Social Security to make a decision on your claim. I would assume that if you did not put the money toward another residence, say as a down payment, or toward the purchase of a new primary vehicle, it might wind up sitting in a bank account as countable assets. SSI and Medicaid recipients will be allowed to have up to a $100,000 ABLE account without affecting their eligibility for these benefits,” explains Bankrate. The Pros and Cons of Institutional Changes Being Floated for the Supreme Court, A Look Ahead at the Eight-Member Court?s Fall Oral Argument Schedule, how much to pay someone to sign up new personal injury clients – Spanish Fort, how long for social security disability back pay – Rock Springs, How many people were convicted of DUI in VA in 2015? Got a question. Much depends on the type of benefit you receive. It does not create an attorney-client relationship and you should not rely upon it as a source of legal advice. (In a recent year, half of all approved disability applications were approved based on an assessment of applicants’ limitations.). TEL: 919-844-6439 Yes. SNAP doesn't count an inheritance as income, so it will only affect your benefits if it raises your resources above the limit. The former is a safety net for workers who become disabled before retirement age and can no longer work. If you haven’t had the clinical or laboratory tests required in the listing, you can ask your doctor to perform them. Owning or receiving money or property does not prohibit an individual from getting Social Security disability benefits, because the SSDI program has no resource (asset) limits. Get approval tips with our SSDI Navigator, Get Approval Tips with our FREE SSDI Navigator email program, Copyright ©2020 MH Sub I, LLC dba Nolo ® Self-help services may not be permitted in all states. My brother in law and I got approved for a loan on this other home that was 160,000. While any of the above medical conditions are SSDI and SSI qualifying disabilities, some medical conditions are more likely to lead to an approval of benefits than others. The SSI program has the same income limit as SSDI initially: $1,260 per month (in 2020). MaxiFi, MaxiFi Planner, and ESPlanner are registered trademarks of Economic Security Planning, Inc. We use cookies to deliver the best user experience and improve our site. They may also receive food stamps from the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program. is thst mine ir theirs? Im on disability and I dont file taxes because i only draw a little for 13,000 a year.

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