dried gin garnishes

It just seems to complement the bitterness of the gin with the sweetness of the orange. Mint brings freshness to your gin cocktails with the added bonus of settling an upset stomach. Infuse with rose and top up with tonic and strawberry slices for summer in a glass. Lavender. It looks elegant, retains its vivid and natural colour and the variety of texture of the fruit garnish adds to the whole experience of the drink. Since they are generally dried in large batches, they are also easy to keep on hand in sealed glass jars. Take a vegetable peeler to your rhubarb stalk for beautiful crimson ribbons that you can swirl along the inside of your glass. In fact, the only thing that can make an Ophir Oriental Gin even better? As a general rule of thumb, herbs are perfect for adding to citrus or herbal based gins. Thanks to … To begin, turn on your oven as low as possible (this will be 200 degrees F for most ovens). Add a bell pepper for a striking twist to your drink. “Dehydrating is really easy—it’s something you just start and walk away,” he says. Not technically a gin garnish but a fantastic embellishment to any drink nonetheless. In addition to being aesthetically-pleasing, dried citrus garnishes have intense aromatic appeal. Cucumber Gin … Dried citrus garnishes are also a feast for the senses. Discover new garnishes such as pink peppercorns, florals, juniper berries, and freeze-dried fruits. Here’s Everything You Need to Know about Making a G&T, Best Tonic for Gin: Perfect Pairings for Every Type of Gin. While the usual suspects like lemon, orange, and grapefruit are lovely with classics like Gin & Tonics and Lemon Drops, there are plenty of cocktails that pair beautifully with tangerines, Meyer lemons, Key limes, blood oranges, and tangelos. Juniper Berries may seem like a strange addition but since it’s the foundation of gin, why not add more? Many cocktails lend themselves to dried or dehydrated citrus garnishes, and there are a wonderful variety of citrus fruits to experiment with. Dehydrated garnish is also lighter and more flexible, giving you a chance to create a variety of different imaginative decorations for your favourite drink. The Gin Garnish Guide Please bookmark this guide so you've always got it to hand for your gin garnishing needs! Or maybe a drink requires a ½ oz. Sign up for our newsletter and get biweekly recipes and articles delivered to your inbox. However, for an approximate guide, we’ve dug down deep into true tried and tested territory to give you an understanding of which garnish can enhance what gin. Call Us Toll-Free A. This website uses cookies to improve your experience while you navigate through the website. Slice your fruit thinly (but not paper-thin; you risk crisping the edges!). Herbal garnishes. Pomegranate seeds can look fantastically impressive in a glass. Leave it alone and let it do what it does,” he says. Try to keep the width as consistent as possible so they all dry at the ... Add any extra herbs or spices (see below.) Pepper can add a kick to the fresh, fruitiness of strawberries. 15 Unusual Gin & Tonic Garnishes You Must Try 1. Mastering this technique is surprisingly easy, and knowing how to create these exquisite adornments is an essential skill to add to your cocktail crafting arsenal. Star Anise is a versatile spice that can also be used in cooking. Lavender is so much more than your auntie’s preferred soap scent. Rosemary is scientifically proven to restore memory. Browse by tag. Copperfield London Dry Gin Volume 2 – a single mint leaf (with Fever Tree Elderflower tonic) Cotswolds Dry Gin – slice of pink grapefruit and a fresh bay leaf. The Hugo, for instance, adds a tangy taste of the tropics to a refreshing blend of prosecco, lemon balm, soda, and mint with a slice of dehydrated lime floated atop the cocktail. Try substituting a dried fruit wheel garnish anywhere you would normally use lemon, lime, orange etc. We’ve all been there at some point: a recipe—say, and Old Fashioned or Martini—calls for a citrus peel garnish, so you slice up a few spirals and the remaining fruit goes unused. Tenby Dry Gin is a charming, flavoursome gin and this is achieved by the simple focus on two core flavour profiles - citrus peels and rosemary. Take your gin and tonic game to a new level with our Gintonica selection of garnishes and botanicals. One gin can work with multiple garnishes, other’s suit just one and there’s always personal preference to take into account. Photo: Courtesy of Perennial. If you have a story suggestion email editor@theginkin.com, The Gin Kin promotes responsible drinking, Our Gin Garnish Guide Will Make Any G&T a Thing of Beauty, Here's How Make Your Own Winter Gin From 'Christmas Trees'. The four flavours in this complete Garnish Pack are: Roasted Lemon; Burnt Orange, Scorched Lime & Seared Grapefruit. Try the included recipes and match a cocktail to your location. Basil is especially good paired with strawberry or cucumber. Cucumber is the best friend of a good ole Hendrick’s. Add to tonics and twists. Many cocktails lend themselves to dried or dehydrated citrus garnishes, and there are a wonderful variety of citrus fruits to experiment with. £2.25. They also dehydrate citrus wheels for future garnish needs—a practice that can be easily replicated at home. Pink Grapefruit adds a splash of vibrancy to your glass. Any cookies that may not be particularly necessary for the website to function and is used specifically to collect user personal data via analytics, ads, other embedded contents are termed as non-necessary cookies. Lemon & Lime can enhance the citrus flavour. This category only includes cookies that ensures basic functionalities and security features of the website. Match the lavender undertones of Aviation Gin with this delicate flower perched on top. the best friend of a good ole Hendrick’s. There’s no better way to put the finishing touches on a delectable cocktail than by adding the perfect garnish. These garnishes will add that extra touch of class to a gin and tonic. Fruity, with a touch of tartness, it’s a natural in a G&T. B. When using an oven, place the slices in a non-stick, aerated pan. It really does make a difference to the perfect G&T if you add the correct Gin Garnish! To get started, citrus fruits should be washed and dried thoroughly. Emma Janzen is Imbibe's Digital Content Editor and author of, We use cookies to improve your experience on this website.

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