easy poppy seed roll recipe

Would changing the flour give the pierog a different texture? Using the dough hook (on speed 2), add the remaining 2 cups of the flour 1/2 cup at a time. What can I use to substitute if possible? I like the taste of store bough. I am definitely making these. Made this rylet before with store bought poppy seed and homemade filling ,almost like yours,just added more condensed milk and put poppy seeds twice through the grinder. This recipe is for just one roll. your comment just made my day. Which rising step are you on? My husband has dairy allergies and I cannot use pure mild products. So I made this tonight, I used whole milk instead of the low fat, and unbleached all purpose flour. On the last step when it should rise for 2.5 hr… My oven is barely warm… But the dough looks really good or may be my bowl is small… Hmmm… Although I put it in the bigger one…, It does need alot of room to rise. Natasha, can i mix walnuts with poppy seed or make with just grinded walnuts? . I’m planning on kneading by hand and just wondering what you might choose to do differently when doing so. 3. I use canada flour fyi. Over medium heat, bring to a simmer. I will try out your Poppy seed rolls, they look so scrumptious. I used the canned poppyseeds and it was only enough for 3 of the ruletiki , and I only had one so I ended up making some cream cheese spread and topping it with raspberry prerves as suggested on Olgas Flavor Factory for one of her roulettes. Can i use jam instead of poppy seads? What is the wax paper for? Yes the long side, sigh, maybe I rolled them out too thin. Brush the top with egg wash (1 egg white, 1/2 tsp sour cream, 1/2 tsp sugar – whisked together). Thank you for following along all this time and for your super encouraging words . If yes, then you might have just rolled them too thin. Thank you! MMMM and maybe some butter if rulletti come out dry :). It freezes very well as long as it’s in an airtight container:) and when you want to use it again you can just start spreading anything you want right away, it spreads so easy just a tiny bit stiffer than it would be room temp but still workable:). I think grinding the poppy seeds fine is essential, otherwise they come out kind of gritty. Mix until flour is well blended. That’s just awesome!! Although I think this is the best method yet… I don’t always want to use up my condensed milk especially if I’m doing a double or triple portion. We also made a cooked prune filling instead of the poppy seed. It still works great without them but they are nice in the rolls. It’s really thick and very sweet. Dough should rise about 1.5 times in volume. We call it roulette z makom (roulade with poppyseed) I’m so glad you’re enjoying the blog. That’s awesome! I put poppy seeds on a top before baking, like vatrushki with tworog , we made them in Ukraine (do you know what i meant?). I’m making your Poppy Seed Roulade for Easter brunch. Hi,Natasha! Could you please clarify. It turned out great! . Also, did you make sure to only mix in 8 oz of condensed milk (a little more than 1/2 of the 14 oz can). It is usually in the baking isle by canned cherries and other pie fillings. Just found a website that carries it. I’m so glad you nailed it. Also, I bought wheat gluten and tried adding 1tsp of it to regular flour- and it works just the same as bread flour. What wast the brand of canadian flour and where can i find it? Another reader said to use a bread maker only if you are doing half of the recipe (It’s alot of dough otherwise). Ok, I will give it a try. . He ate half a roll! Hi Oksana! God Bless! However, can I substitute almond milk and stevia for sweetener instead of sweetened condensed milk.If you have any other suggestions to circumvent this problem I would love to hear from you. I still love it when my mom makes it (and I’m not living at home) :). I hope they are great! Hi Henry, overfilling can also weigh down the soft dough. 1/2 tsp sour cream. I’m glad to hear how much you enjoy the recipe. Learn more... Natasha's top tips to unleash your inner chef! By the way, I used my Blendtec with the twister jar to grind the poppy seeds and it worked really well. I can’t wait to try this! HI Rachel, this is definitely a family favorite for us so I’m bummed it didn’t turn out for you. Thank you so much for your recipe! Hi Natasha! I wanted to ask if you could share a non condensed milk version of the poppy seed mixture? Push the poppy seeds through a food grinder using the fine grinding plate. Add a small amount to test. Whisk together. Now I can bake my own from your recipe. It should not stick to your rolling pin. Thanks for the great and easy to follow instructions! So is it 6 cups of flour total?? Enjoy! Hi Kathy, i’m so glad you are enjoying our recipes. Now I have some leftover poppy seeds already made with condensed milk, how long can I store it in the fridge? So to make a small batch for my family is almost impossible we only get them when she makes them. Hehe but you forgot to answer my Fahrenheit question :))) Hi Henry, we found this to be the right balance to maintain the fluffiness of the dough. Once I added sweetened condensed milk, it became real runny. It will feel sticky to the touch but should not stick to your fingers. I was worried about it to the first time making it, but my soon-to-be mother-in-law assured me that most of the time it happens. Spread the nut filling on one rectangle and the poppy seed filling on the other, leaving a margin of at least an inch on all edges. Long story short – never again will I use canned poppy seeds. It’s in the oven to rise for the second time now, hoping it turns out as lush as in your photos! In our family we just call it Roulette with poppy seeds. Sweetened farmers cheese with raisins sounds wonderful! Enjoy trying out my recipes and stay safe too! Like for one or two pieces. Hi Natasha, How long will this keep for? Cool. 1 cup poppy seeds (you will need a food grinder to prepare these) Did you follow all of the instructions without any changes; following all of the wait times? It’s just a very thick and creamy poppy seed butter spread. I can’t wait to see what you have in store for 2013;) Happy New Year! Can I freeze it? Poppy seeds in the can already come sweetened, so no need to add condensed milk or any other sweeteners…, Hi Natasha, Hi Jessy, If I had an award for comment of the year, it would surely go to you! In a large bowl, mix the flour, salt and cold butter with a pastry cutter or by hand. Thanks for sharing the details of how you made yours . HI Inna, I wonder if maybe your oven was too hot while the dough was proofing. Thank you Natashen’ka! Did you put the poppy seeds on top before baking or after? Total Carbohydrate Yes it’s in the oven… I also had to mix dough longer than 15 min because after 15 min it didn’t look ready as on your pic I’m so excited, though… Should I may be remove it from the over… It’s been there only little over an hour? Yes, you are right; there are 4! Put through a blender/food processor, or any appliance that will make the filling smooth. Thanks for the tip!! Love your blog and am anxious to try things once I get home. Your dough was absolutely fabulous, it’s the filling that ruined the taste! I’m so bummed because it was for Christmas! Clumps of flour and yeast.

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