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This is a good thing! Click on image for full list of homepage From emerging talents to established photographic artists, this list is full of fine art photographers whose work is sure to provide inspiration. In my research for this blog, I found helpful information at the following websites: Arizona, art exhibition, art show, artist opening, Arts, contemporary art, digital art print, Fine Art, giclee, landscape art, oil painting, original art, painting, Phoenix, realistic art, “Solitude” – 24″ x 24″ x 1-1/2″ Oil & Graphite on Canvas, Unframed – by artist Cyndy Carstens. In a previous blog, for clarification and points of discussion purposes, I described the roles of each of these services providers as follows: By contrast, an artist’s agent or rep is not typically an “artist’s advisor“(who helps the artist with career development),  an “art consultant” (who works for art buyers to find art for the buyers and negotiates the purchase of art on behalf of the buyers), an “art dealer” (a person or entity that purchases and sells art) or an “art gallerist” (a gallery owner or director who represents a gallery first, an artist second). This differentiation is offered simply to clarify the usual meanings of the titles. In her project Grassy Woodlands, seen here, Young collaborated with an ecologist to explore nature through landscape and still life photos. This is the second blog in a series of three blogs about Artist’s agent or representative services. ‘Expert, independent and passionate guides through the labyrinth of today’s art world’ Day has published two monographs of her photography, and her work has been exhibited across the United States and abroad. Mariette Pathy Allen is a groundbreaking fine art and documentary photographer. The evening event is part of the Phoenix “1st Friday Art Walk” activities. A detailed biography on Allen’s website helps introduce her work to new viewers. As always, I welcome your comments and opinions. “Tranquility” – 24″ x 36″ x 3/4″ Oil on Canvas, Framed – by Artist Cyndy Carstens, “Desert Saguaro” – 20″ x 40″ x 1-1/2″ Diptych, Oil on Canvas, Unframed – by Artist Cyndy Carstens, Herm Otto is a licensed architect, with a national (NCARB) certification and a former interior design faculty member at a FIDER accredited university who has chosen to use his architectural and interior design background for aesthetically pleasing placement of fine art in buildings and outdoor spaces. You can preview Cyndy Carstons’ fine art work at her website: – this is also the first link under “Artists” in my links listed in the lower right hand column of this blog. California photographer Parker Day’s portrait photography uses imagined characters to explore the feeling of being an outsider. Young uses an online portfolio design which allows visitors to click through galleries of images one at a time for careful, in-depth viewing. With wide experience of art Artist’s Agent or Rep:  What the Services Include: The scope of services is whatever  the artist and the services provider agree upon. The Serbian photographer has exhibited her work widely and is the recipient of various photography awards. With either an agent or a representative, an artist is buying services. Don’t assume that a specific set of services is included based on a subjective title. For any artist to make such a value judgement, they need to know: These are the subjects of my next two blogs to follow shortly hereafter.,,,,,, The Marshall-LeKae Gallery (Scottsdale, AZ), Desert Caballeros Western Museum (Wickenburg, AZ), American Art Collector (monthly magazine), Arizona Collector's Guide (annual publication), Collector's Guide to the Art of New Mexico (annual publication). These are various terms, titles or descriptions of people (or entities) that offer independent services to artists, art buyers, art collectors or others involved in the selling and buying of art. © 2020 Ideaform Inc., All Rights Only you can decide what is valuable to you, affordable to you and ultimately right for you. Fine art photography can be created by any photographer—and this type of photography can include everything from personal photo projects to documentary series to shoots staged with props in a studio. 10 Textile Artists and Designers Making Unique Work FINE ART FREE AGENTS N A T U R E N A T U R E North American Native Alliance North American Native Alliance Format Theme: Horizon Left. our clients a combination of local services and access to the international I will be representing one of my clients, artist Cyndy Carstens, this Friday evening, 7-10pm, at the opening of her month-long show “Serenity” at the Alta Loft at 600 North 4th Street in Phoenix, Arizona, USA. Caution:  no one can guarantee tangible results such as sales, acceptance or awards, because such results are dependent on the actions of others that no one can control. Matar’s online portfolio features the latest news on her work right on her homepage, so visitors to her site can stay informed of what she’s working on. The De Primi Fine Art SA is a Swiss art gallery that operates in international markets with purchase and sale of works of old art, modern and photography. Art Business, art terms, Artist's Rep, artists' agent, artists' representative, Fine Art, Sales, Visual Arts. Each member specializes in handling and shipping works of art, artifacts and antiquities for museums, galleries and dealers, corporate and private collectors and the premier auction houses. Spanish photographer Raúl Belinchón has photographed stories and spaces around the world. and minimally intrusive services. If you are in the Phoenix area this coming Friday evening and choose to attend the 1st Friday Art Walk festivities, this is an exhibition well worth attending. Menu . Raab includes a link to purchase prints right at the top of her website menu, ensuring that visitors know selections of her work are for sale. The more services that are not pure sales, the higher the sales-based  (percentage) compensation (to cover those other services) and/or the higher the likelihood of added services-based (fee or hourly) compensation beyond the sales-based compensation. His online fine art photography portfolio is simple, with each project divided into a separate gallery of images and a text background for further information. The titles “artist’s agent” and “artist’s representative” are, to the best of my knowledge, not legally defined professions and therefore are subjective in meaning. Because, as far as I know, there is no statutory “title registration” or associated professional licensing requirements for these roles, the definition of each is subject to whatever the consumer and the provider of the services understand and agree to. Format Theme: Sun. The choice of a clever URL instantly makes Chris Round’s fine art photography website stand out.

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