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School You are advised and encouraged to visit the clinic for information on the services offered before you get sick. Whenever that is done, Browning suspects his long-term future lies … in coaching. Redshirts spend all the practice time that regular players do but don’t get to play in the games, can’t even travel with the team to away contests. His brother is a good bit heavier than Detrek, “but can still beat me in a race. Heyward Community Center, Come out and meet the wonderful ladies of the FMU Panhellenic Sororities – Alpha Delta Pi, Kappa Delta and Zeta Tau Alpha, Formal Sorority Recruitment 2019 Student Health Services works to enhance the educational process by utilizing every opportunity to promote lifelong health through review of social history, habits and health history. The University sponsored insurance does not cover medical care or hospitalization off campus except in the case of an accident. You know what? A copy of this report will be forwarded to the offices of Housing and the Dean of Students. Additional information related to findings, sanctions, and organizational sanction completion may be available through the Student Affairs office, to the extent allowable under the the Family Education Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) 20 U.S.C. Business hours are Monday to Friday from 8.00 am to 5.00pm. Students should be aware that once a concern is reported, the complainant may be directed to take further steps or action to have the matter addressed. To be informed of personal responsibilities involved in seeking medical treatment and maintaining health and well being after treatment. To refuse treatment, or to ask for a second opinion or an alternative course of treatment, and to be informed of the medical consequences of their actions. Students must interact in a civil manner, both in and out of the classroom, treating all persons and property with respect. Finally, in some cases an organization may not have been charged with any violations of University policy but held responsible for the creation of discord within the campus climate. Maintaining a just and safe learning environment for our students is one of the primary objectives of Student Affairs. Student, for the purpose of this policy, is defined as a person enrolled for one or more hours of academic credit, or in noncredit course or courses offered in the name of the University; or a person admitted or seeking admission to the University if action is related to University admission, function, or event. Eventually his own good sense — all who know him see him as an extremely well-grounded person — and a little hectoring from his mom made him a Patriot. The affected employees are self-quarantining in accordance with the public health recommendations, and we wish them a speedy recovery. John and Dorothy Ruffin Endowed Scholarship. FMU has the lowest cost of attendance of any college in South Carolina, based on rankings from The Student Health staff may be able to see walk-ins as time permits, but preference will be given to those with appointments. **Payable via cash or check. “My uncle (Milton Kershaw) who played football in college and is just crazy fast, taught me early on that speed kills,” says Browning. If a student becomes ill or injured, a same day appointment is almost always available by calling 843-661-1844. Edwards saw him and quickly agreed — “best point guard I saw all year,” Edwards said. The Campus Activities Board is a vital and essential component of campus life for the students at Francis Marion University. It is the responsibility of the student host of the non-student to make his or her guest aware of these behavioral expectations. The FMU Office of Counseling and Testing helps students enhance their academic and personal well being. 42nd Ave Click the links below for details. All applications must be accompanied with a verification form by the deadline noted on the announcement. In such cases, these officials will make contact with the student whenever possible and inform him/her that they may be charged with a violation of the code. As a result, occasions may arise when these persons must confront students who they believe are violating University or residence hall standards of conduct. “Try to stop the shot and it’s a fake and I’m by you for a pull up (jumper) or a layup. Housing staff may inform the student verbally that he/she is being referred for an alleged violation of standards. The initial investigation into all incidents listed below was to determine if a violation of the hazing policy had occurred. All students will be paired with an upperclassmen mentor during the program length. Mentors must hold a GPA of at least 2.8, – Complete and submit application by Friday, January 18, 2019 by 5:00 pm. I will encourage others to respect the Honor Code and will exhibit reasonable judgment in reporting students who violate it.”. Student Health Services also offers a part-time nurse practitioner who specializes in women’s health. Browning played three varsity seasons at Irmo and helped the team win two state championships. “As a student at Francis Marion University, I pledge to obey the FMU Honor Code and civil/criminal laws. “I think that (coaching) could work out.”. I just think about them five or 10 seconds before they happen.”. “Most definitely,” says Browning. 27. When Browning came for his official visit, Edwards offered him a full scholarship on the spot. “I’ve had some very good coaches. The student will be required to meet with the University Conduct Officer appointed by the Dean of Students. In these cases, the alleged violator will receive a letter from the University Conduct Officer appointed by the Dean of Students. Eligible candidates must sign up for an interview time upon completion and review of all applications. If you are an out of state student with Medicaid insurance please note that your insurance is state specific and not transferable. Students may be referred to another medical provider as needed. Good at energy conservation. Each section contains the expectations, policies, and procedures that apply to all Francis Marion University students. See the Student Handbook for details regarding the procedures. They can’t recruit a player, per se, until he puts his name on the NCAA’s official transfer list (which numbers each year in the thousands) but word gets around. 3. The Lou Rawls Center for the Performing Arts, Smith Conference Center and the Wellness Center are available for rent to organizations, businesses, and the community. …. Appointments can be made at 305-626-3110. The Dean of Students Office offers mediation services for students needing assistance. Please direct all questions to Dr. Carter-McCants at or Ms. Alex McGill at Applicants must be first-time freshmen students who are enrolled full-time and in good standing with the University. With that relatively unremarkable basket, Browning became something quite remarkable — the leading career scorer in the school’s almost 50-year-old history. Please call 843-661-1844 to schedule an appointment to be seen. The class maximum is 50. –  $50,000 medical evacuation benefit  (to his or her home country). It’s that loyalty that Detrek showed. I pledge not to lie, cheat, or steal. For Additional Assistance Contact: 1-888-237-5556 The student health insurance website provides information on how to: The testing event was … “That’s kind of the point of the game isn’t it?”. Matters requiring additional time will be referred to outside resources. He glides around the court, under control, moving from place to place — moving from the right place to the right place — with a studied nonchalance that lulls opponents, fans and even his own coach into a state of disinterest. To review your medical records in the company of a professional, but they remain the property of Student Health Services. The instructor should rigorously enforce honesty concerning all academic work submitted by his/her students for evaluation. If, in the judgment of the instructor, the student is able to show that the charge is unsubstantiated, the instructor will withdraw the allegation and remove the academic penalty. Wednesday, September 4, 2019 from 7pm to 9pm Florida Memorial University provides health insurance coverage for (1) free acute care at the on-campus clinic located in Building 3 (2) access to Teladoc Medical Services 24/7 (3) Accident and Injury policy for all full-time students who have cleared the Business Office. Contact the Commission on Colleges at 1866 Southern Lane, Decatur, Georgia 30033-4097 or call 404-697-4500 for questions about the accreditation of Florida Memorial University. All students will be paired with an upperclassmen mentor during the program length. Friends, foes, even some of his teammates, had gone that route. How’d he do that? But maybe he’s a little small for a D-I shooting guard, maybe he’s not that fast … So …”. Please make checks payable to FMU-NPC and mail or hand deliver to Smith University Center – Suite 205. Gary has been on an oddball world tour since he left FMU — Luxembourg, Bulgaria, Dubuque, Iowa and now, Cyprus — but he’s got a suitcase full of memorable experiences and … he’s still playing. I’d rather conserve my energy.”. Inasmuch as honor and integrity serve to define one’s character, the University community expects that students will not tolerate the aforementioned behaviors in others and will exhibit reasonable judgment in reporting students who violate the FMU Honor Code. She is available one afternoon a week. Students are expected to interact in a civil manner, treating all persons with respect, and to adhere to behavioral standards contained in the respective course syllabi. It’s better than all those points he scored.”. It can only be used in Florida in case of an emergency. Florida Memorial University Upon enrollment at FMU, students pledge not to lie, cheat, or steal. His two dunks aside, he is not a great leaper, and he’s probably not the fastest guy around either, although as dozens of oft-burned Peach Belt Conference foes would attest, he is plenty fast enough. Information regarding dates and times for conflict management and mediation training are available in the Student Affairs Office at 843-661-1182. CAB presents well planned social, cultural and educational events to students. Browning shakes his head, shrugs his shoulders. Immunization forms from other agencies will be accepted as long as the FMU requirements are met.

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