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Brigitte Mira, In Potiche, Ozon confessed, there’s an accidental homage to Belle de jour; it’s when Catherine Deneuve, the star of both, wears an outfit unconsciously copied from Buñuel’s erotic landmark. Flavien Coupeau, 7 min | 8,842 Stars: Director: François Ozon | Stars: Margot Abascal, Mathieu Amalric, Pascale Arbillot, Aylin Argun Votes: 44 From this union an extraordinary child is born: Ricky. Director: $0.00M, TV-PG Jérémie Renier, | Subscribe now for exclusive offers and the best of cinema. 111 min 13,061 | European Film Awards 2020 reveals bumper lineup of nominees. In the perverse premise, an ostensibly stereotypical French family resorts to incest, murder and sadomasochism after adopting a tiny rat. Marine Vacth, | Marie-Claude Treilhou, Marina de Van, $1.62M, Not Rated Sonia Cantalapiedra, Sébastien Lifshitz, 10,061 -A Quebec talk-show (in Canada), about what happened the week before. But drugs have invaded their lives. 17 min Pascale Arbillot, | He visits his grandmother to tell her; on the way, he chats briefly with a waitress. Director: Karin Viard, Votes: Comedy, Short. Michael Joseph Smith, Director: Fabien Billet, François Ozon Sasha Hails, Laurent Ruquier, Marie Donnio, Olivier Torres, Votes: 96 min | Fabien Billet, Comedy, Drama, Romance, The adventures of an upper-class suburban family abruptly confronted with the younger brother's discovery of his homosexuality, the elder sister's suicide attempt and sado-masochist ... See full summary », Director: 113 min Instead, it’s Ozon’s own adaptation of the same source material, a 1930 play by Maurice Rostand. Anne-Marie Ozon, Watch this if you like: Belle de jour (Luis Buñuel, 1967). Director: News. | Can Jany’s proposition give him a way to move past self-pity? Platz. Anthony J. Caruso, 27 min Héléna Cisterne, Stars: 81 min Drama, Romance. | Stéphane Pineau, Elena S. Sánchez, News. Die acht Grazien waren meiner erster Ozon. | | Gross: Romola Garai, Chloé, a fragile young woman, falls in love with her psychoanalyst, Paul. Louis Garrel, 113 min Dominik Moll, | Yann Barthès, Melvil Poupaud, Votes: “What are François Ozon’s Best Movies?” We looked at all of Ozon’s directed filmography and ranked them against one another to answer that very question! Stéphane Freiss, Myriam Boyer, Votes: Director: When her husband goes missing at the beach, a female professor begins to mentally disintegrate as her denial of his disappearance becomes delusional. Monts Llussà, Philippe Sollers, Potiche. | Gross: Drama, History, Romance. Collectif des Cinéastes Pour les Sans-Papiers, He is a director and writer, known for In the House (2012), 8 femmes (2002) and Swimming Pool (2003). As a student, Ozon’s favourite filmmakers were John Waters and Luis Buñuel. François Ozon | Comedy, Drama, Romance. | He then starts a fight, quickly joined by François and Emmanuel, also victims of the priest, to “release their word” on what they suffered. François Cluzet, Short, Innocence gives way to experience. Sam Neill, Nora Hamzawi, 11 min François Genty, Two girls and two boys, probably about 14 or 15 years old, play a game of truth or dare. | | 85 min 92 min Pierre Niney, Cynthia Arra, Tony Granger, 90 min Aurélien Recoing, A young woman makes a surprising discovery about the husband of her late best friend. Her life changes in unexpected ways when she encounters an aristocratic brother and sister, both of whom have cultural ambitions, and both of whom fall in love with her. Bruno Cremer, Julie Lopes-Curval, | Gross: Paris, France, 10 November 2020 29,411 François Ozon Hélier Cisterne, $10.11M, Not Rated François Marthouret, | 741 Pierre Tchernia, Aleksandr Gudkov, TV-G Directors: While boating, Alexis's boat capsizes and almost drowns before being rescued by David, who ultimately ends up as the friend of his dreams. Pablo Mira, Vincent Lindon, Jean-Marie Lamour, Votes: L’Amant double is in cinemas from 1 June 2018. The husband takes long rides on his bike while his wife is doing groceries and preparing meals. Jean-Marc Moutout, At Home. Dany Turcotte, | Fanny Ardant, Christophe Hémon, Director | $0.13M, Unrated Director: Director: | Frantz is not quite a remake of Ernst Lubitsch’s Broken Lullaby. | | 95 min François Marthouret, Comedy, News, Talk-Show. Gerardo Sánchez, | Gross: | Stars: P astel colours, fresh-faced adolescents, tanned skin and sunsets by the beach: François Ozon’s latest film Summer of 85 brings together all the elements of the 1980s French teen movie in a nostalgic, fizzy mix, by turns bitter and sweet. | Stars: François Ozon Für die 8 Frauen gibt es hier also nur den 7. | François Ozon | Director: Marie Gruber, Votes: | In the desert no one can hear you scream. François Ozon READ MORE: 2020 Fall Film Preview: 40 Most Anticipated Films To Watch. The rat in a cage may symbolise the nuclear family, but let loose it’s the catalyst for domestic destruction. Here’s your guide to the best of them. Félix Lefebvre, Elsa Charbit, $3.08M, Unrated Stars: | | François Ozon Edwardian England. 82 min Charlotte Soyez, Philomène Esposito, 8 min François Ozon Rebecca Zlotowski, Stars: 26 min As one lover replaces another, the allusions to Vertigo start to accumulate. He is named after the French sculptor César Baldaccini. Frédéric Bonpart, 95 min | But if the premise sounds like Theorem, then it’s confirmed by a creative writing tutor’s analysis of Claude’s seductions: “The father, the mother, the son – it’s Pasolini!”. Antonio Gasset, Antony Cordier, | Vinette Robinson, TV-MA Though one suspects Ozon saw Memento (2000) and Irréversible (2002) during the writing stage of 5x2, the director actually cites Jane Campion’s 2 Friends as his non-chronological template. 1 of 10. François Ozon Mahamat-Saleh Haroun, Zum Kinostart von Das Schmuckstück präsentiert euch moviepilot die besten Filme des französischen Filmemachers François Ozon. | Camille Japy, Éric Caravaca, R Lucia Sanchez 2,806 A sixteen-year-old boy insinuates himself into the house of a fellow student from his literature class and writes about it in essays for his French teacher. Céline Sallette, It's summer. Karim Dridi, Abbas Fahdel, Adrien de Van, TV-MA | Carine Tardieu, Ivan Calbérac, 8,469 François Ozon François Ozon $0.05M, R Mikael Buch, 113 min François Ozon Bernard Pivot, 81 min Stars: Fantin Ravat, Votes: Stars: 100 min Denis Coderre, Crime, Drama, Thriller. 63 min Myriam Aziza, Alexandra Stewart, Votes: Christophe Otzenberger, 8 Women. François Ozon does not make the same film twice. Sandrine Rinaldi, Jean-Jacques Forbin, | | Stars: Louis-Ronan Choisy, 52 min Mousse and Louis are young, beautiful, rich and in love. Camille Japy, News, features and opinion on the world of film. Short, Comedy, Drama. Director: | Stars: search... Games Hardware Review: Xbox Series X & Xbox Series S Consoles See All Reports. | Gross: Ernst Stötzner, | Michel Denisot, Short, Director: Jérémie Renier, Paul Raoux, Votes: 10,061 Yann Barthès, 60 min Stars: Stars: Vielleicht wird der ein oder andere unter euch jetzt aufschreien, weil ich Angel vor die 8 Frauen platziere, aber dieser Kostümschinken hat was, auch wenn er schwer erträglich ist. Stars: | Et voilà…. | Comedy, Crime, Musical. $0.00M, Unrated 1967 Decisions: treatment? | Gross: Crisol Tuà, Gilles Guillain, | $0.17M, R Steevy Boulay, 14 min What follows is a gloriously trashy tale of psychological intrigue and voyeuristic cats, complete with the image of Renier making out with himself. Eine starke Bindung hat Ozon stets zu seinen Hauptdarstellern, die teilweise Ikonen des französischen Kinos sind (so Catherine Deneuve), teilweise aber auch erst durch Ozon zu Shootingstars katapultiert wurden (beispielsweise Melvil Poupaud).

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