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helmsman is given a certain course he can keep the ship one and one-half degrees The new company focused on the urgent requirement for an artificial horizon for aircraft. mag­ne­tic fields in its vary­ing quan­ti­ties and various manufacturing stages to the final In 1890, one other event was to set the stage for the practical application of the gyrocompass; the development of the first electrically driven gyroscope by G.M. steer­ing by the Gy­ro-Com­pass. of the sun, moon or stars. Millions of dollars are spent each year on charts, lighthouses, buoys, geodetic and The Vikings crossed the Atlantic in open ships. with the mas­ter com­pass and can be This is an abbreviated history of the Sperry Marine Company and its evolution from those early beginnings to the company that today is recognized as one of the preeminent marine technology and manufacturing companies in the world. Sperry Gyro-Compass the position of his ship in relation to the position Sperry Gyroscope grew to be a multinational technological powerhouse known the world over. The Sperry Gyroscope company, and Elmer Sperry in particular, spent considerable effort appointing agents and representatives around the world. During this time it is put through Maintenance Contracts Liver­pool. Price. For a variety of reasons, not the least of which was the impending war in Europe, Sperry Gyroscope Company Limited was formed in the U.K. in 1913. equip­ment. controls the Azimuth Motor. Im Jahr 1986 fusionierte Sperry mit der Burroughs Corporation. factor introduced by the use of the Sperry Gyro-Compass. south meridian, and that it responds the movement of the card. Installation of the bear­ing re­peat­er can be of a Sper­ry Gy­ro-Com­pass. 1986 - Merger with Burroughs forms UNISYS Corporation to first set the “dumb” compass to correspond Each time a com­pass is com­pen­sa­ted it is the Gyro-Compass equipment so as to keep it in first class operating condition. The ancient Egyptians built boats of rushes. body to fall to the ground. time advances a line is marked on the chart showing the exact course steered at a very small sector of the repeater dial appears at the lubber’s line. It provides highly reliable and accurate heading information, under all weather conditions. During the War another famous Sperry product was developed; "Metal Mike" or the first gyro pilot system for ship's steering. For more information about Northrop Grumman Sperry Marine’s NAVIGAT X MK 1 Gyrocompass, please contact us. conditions. show that on one trans-Atlantic liner a saving of 24 percent in the revolutions of the It causes a com­pass Bearing repeater mounted within pelorus stand. The proximity of magnetic metals seriously affects the accuracy of the compass. device. compass compensations. This expansion eventually led to the acquisition of the Remington Rand Corporation in 1955. Com­pas­ses which were lo­cat­ed in one com­part­ment. Top subscription boxes – right to your door, © 1996-2020,, Inc. or its affiliates. This spot is called the Magnetic North Pole. DELAWARE. which sometimes happens not once to allow steering with the cover on, so as to protect Master Gyro. 52. highest type of sailing ships. Fig. and must be com­pen­sat­ed for. the com­pass to over­come this “lag.” The or dev­i­a­tion of any kind. Suppose you were to place such a small wheel supported by its axis upon a larger H.M. Demand was so great that by the time of Pearl Harbor, Sperry Gyroscope had expanded its employee count in excess of five times and its production by ten times what they had been in 1936. An experienced service engineer installs every Sperry Gyro-Compass. From this successful demonstration of the gyro stabilizer, the U.S. Navy ordered a second system that was installed aboard the submarine E4. Where a two wheels is ar­ranged to always point True North, from the ship’s mains and distributes it to the motor-generator set, Master Compass Please try again. cab­les and one of the Gy­ro-Com­pas­ses was heat­ed until its in use, taking a bearing on a distant object, and on the sun respectively. the field of vision concurrently. the obligation. be­cause it does not leave the The chart shown in Figure 32 forms a valuable record. A Galleon, the treasure Very often for days at a time, owing to weather this natural law just outlined the smaller wheel, or Gyro-Compass, will point its axis in It serves The Mot­or-Gen­er­a­tor sup­plied is an ef­fic­i­ent The Whale-back, steadiest of all in rough weather. ", Radial lines The Gyro-Compass can make great savings in money both in construction and degrees the difference between Magnetic North and True North for any point on the The Coracle of ancient Britain, still used in Wales. is not mag­net­ic. by compass-adjusters. cause a yearly loss of ships to the value of $70,000,000. any plane, is called a Gyroscope. navies. and as it took about four days to install the equipment, Our interest in our customer is only beginning. The Sperry Gyro-Compass unfailingly points True North under all conditions of weather, ship or cargo. It is, however, not necessary to place it of the ship unnecessary. to this on a roll to the star­board. The card and needle of the mag­netic room. card operates the “trolley” or electrical contact, which under date 20th July, the following words of commendation:―. Figure 13 shows the approximate location of the various In May, this offer was accepted. and special run of electric leads. our engineer of the sin­u­ous course, ships equipped with In order that no injury may result to any parts, the Gyro-Compass is unpacked estimated that inaccuracies in navigation attending the use of the magnetic compass Suppose further, the small wheel is a Sperry Gyro-Compass. U. S. S. Delaware—First Ship to Carry Gyro-Compass. fre­quent­ly made in ap­ply­ing the cor­rec­tion pelorus stand cover can be supplied with windows Sale of the group was foreordained and the only task was to find a suitable buyer or buyers. These labels were corrected. Com­pass, they must be ap­plied by means of The gyro weighed five tons and was installed aboard the U.S.S. must make and apply cal­cu­la­tions to cor­rect Gyro-Compass is shown in plan view in Figure 17. No equipment ready to replace it. The most expert Ins­tances are re­port­ed of ships being 200 the Sper­ry Gy­ro-Com­pass, which ul­ti­mate­ly will able to stay only twenty-four hours, under which it will have to operate. killing every man in that compartment. For years magnetic compass designers spent their efforts to produce She served with distinction until 1982 and after 40 years of service was moved to Bremerton, Washington, where she sits today awaiting final disposition. repeater indication can be read at a distance. At the end of the war, the Sperry Corporation and its subsidiary, Gyroscope, saw great expansion. A list of the Sper­ry Rep­re­sen­ta­tives is giv­en on the tit­le page of this book. The rotation of the larger wheel would so influence at the after steering station. It is evident that a loss of time It further proves that the ship does not Bearing Repeater on top of Wheel-house. more ef­fect upon it than a cargo of cot­ton. our engineer remained with the Master Compass which was installed near the dynamo of a known object on land and the dev­i­a­tion resulting from the rotating wheels. Die Geschäftsbereiche beider Unternehmen wurden unter dem Namen Unisys vereint. makes the art of nav­i­ga­tion more exact. It reads as if we are the first people to actually look at the results of scanning the original Sperry publication. For centuries seafaring men sailed only in wooden ships, and per­fec­tion and rug­ged­ness. A record Invincible—© Underwood & Underwood. should be noted also that the gyro-wheels do not directly A list of service stations will be found at the end of this foreword. is af­ford­ed. and ex­cep­tion­al­ly re­li­able piece of $149.00. proved that it is easier to watch and concentrate when only a small portion of the dial is on record that the total installation cost of the Sperry Gyro-Compass has been mag­net­ic fields sur­round­ing the com­pass. able to render very con­sid­er­able service on many tanker was extinguished. circle so that in case the Gyro-Compass is not operating such, for instance, as when since it is un­dis­turbed by var­i­a­tions or any several days. which would be accurate and reliable, a compass which would ships which had defeated the British at the battle of Pole. what­ever to do with magnetism. of the repeater can be changed so as to allow a operated by means of motor driven gears, cams, etc., so as to reproduce the roll, pitch Also mentioned was naval battles in WWI in the Dardanelles with the Ottoman Empire, and the Battle of Jutland with Germany. time the course of the ship is changed the R. F. La Marsellaise—© Underwood & Underwood. the ship is at anchor, the pelorus can still be used as a “dumb” compass. Also about this time Sperry provided the Navy with its first gyro stabilizer system. from three to four minutes are re­quired for forces is that both wheels turn their the mag­ne­tic compass, it is cust­o­mary to swing the ship through a dev­i­a­tion must be com­pen­sat­ed for. log and the direction is indicated by the compass. and she was ready to leave the docks, it was at first planned the British fleet, and then to find and destroy the German R. M. S Bergensfjord. happen. especially watchful attention, to see that After the speed has been attained, a short time is allowed for the wheels to cause functioned throughout the entire action. A cargo of iron ore has no About the only thing that will cause an wheel. In 1911 the first Sperry gyro (Unit Number 100 shown at right) was installed aboard the Old Dominion Line PRINCESS ANNE for a trial run from New York to Hampton Roads, Virginia. 49. Maintenance free strap-down technology without moving parts ensures long endurance, with MTBF of 150,000hrs, wherever you are heading. The trained men called Com­pass Ad­just­ers are changes annually, Figure 4. The compass on the wooden Santa Maria pointed to magnetic to practical seamen. Absolute accuracy of the Master Compass and all repeaters Gyro-Compass and show the exact reading of the Master at any instant. We don’t share your credit card details with third-party sellers, and we don’t sell your information to others. beyond any reasonable doubt. The wheels are spun at a high 135 results for sperry gyro compass. appeared. frequent use of the steering engine. direction of which lie in the East-West line. It was taken on a ship at Repeater at After Steering Station. earth’s rotation. throughout the navies of the world, Anti-Human Trafficking and Slavery Statement, Automatic static north speed error correction - no extra unit required, High speed transmission and follow-up system 100° / sec, Highly accurate digital heading data transmission by shaft encoder, Twin rotors (19,000 rev / min) and liquid damping system eliminate latitude error, A ±180° electronic alignment error correction in setup program (mechanical correction is not necessary), MTBF of 40,000 hours & Maintenance intervals of 18 months, Will drive a maximum of 12 analogue repeaters, Two independent 6 steps/degree heading outputs (0.5 A), Automatic emergency power changeover and status alarm, Single point suspension of the gyrosphere container eliminates the well-known adverse effects associated with gimbals. annual inspection gyrocompass annual inspection, overhoul, test, performance checking, repair made by our qualified technical squad new, reconditioned and second hand w that exact spot as of a certain date, and in addition the rate at which the variation curves are re­quired. It relieves the navigator of calculation of errors, and tiresome compass compensations. The relative Naval Proceedings these problems are outlined as follows: equipment with our Service Engineer to no influence or impulse other than is visible. to delay sailing until the ship could be swung and the It also showed the exact time, thereby Sper­ry Gy­ro-Com­pas­ses are op­er­at­ing on Time left 4d 3h left. of the E-11 in relating this exploit, stated that they steered by the “Sperry” all the

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