how to clean live crabs before cooking

If you have a big pot full of about 4-5 whole crabs, boiling for only about 30-40 minutes max. The discoloring of the liquid left in with the crab is normal after boiling and then freezing crab whole. (Pacific Northwest), I was wondering if it is ok to clean the crab and freeze it before cooking it? Replies-Yes! If they have been frozen for longer than 20 minutes, please do the same...throw them out. You can, however, freeze fresh, uncooked crab (legs/knuckles) provided that you first clean the crab live. Cook 'em! This will stun the crab and prevent nasty pinches during the cleaning process. Leave it in the water for five minutes. Sincerely Yours.... Crab-O-Licious, by Lenny Also, after say about 10 days of being frozen, which tastes best, whole crabs, or cleaned crab meat? Many of my friends who love eating crabs at the restaurants, don't know how to clean and cook the crab. 1. To answer your questions directly:1. upon defrosting whole crab, we reboil them until VERY warm, then clean them, and then we steam the legs/knuckles until HOT and finally....we FEAST! With this all said, Congradulations! I was told to just place them in freezer right away and they will be ok to cook two days later. Will they still be okay to eat/cook since they weren't previously cooked? Replies-With PSP and ASP (Paralytic Shellfish Poisoning/Amnesic Shellfish Poisoning) in mind, to be on the safe side, we do not side with any method to freezing crabs before cooking and cleaning them. Like lobster and shrimp, crab can end up tough and tasteless if cooked too long, perhaps crab all the more. Check out our page on How To Freeze Crab. How do I handle the crab upon defrosting when ready to use (I am afraid of the contamination of the meat with the guts still inside the crab)?2. I would like to refreeze my crab. And, you have to clean the crabs before doing anything with them. Either way I recommend vacuum sealing your crab before freezing to keep them fresh-tasting even longer! Best... by Crab-O-Licious Storing them in water will kill them from lack of oxygen. I don't think the problem of having tuff, chewy, dryed out, and tasteless crab is in the bags you are using. The only safe place to keep them in water is in a holding cage in the body of water where they were caught, attached to a pier or the side of your boat. On the belly, you'll see a half circle shape (if the crab is female) or a upside-down "T" shape (if the crab is male) on the white undershell. till then as well. Sometimes there is light, dark brownish coloring in the liquids to even greenish tones. We've kept frozen whole crabs vacuum sealed for nearly a year. Enjoy!Go back to How To Freeze CrabGet the whole scoop on How To Boil CrabCheck out more about crab, go to Homepage. Boil 10-12 minutes, shut off fire, let soak. (Molalla, Oregon), I caught 8 crabs Saturday (all day long) got ice for cooler for 2.5 hour long drive home.I didn't cook them when I got home, instead I put them in the freezer. What do you think is the best way to freeze crab? Replies-At our house, we like to vaccuum seal them. by Jerry galow We do it quite often after a long day out crabbing. Help me Replies-We would treat Jersey Blue Crab the same as any other type of crab. Just put them in a vacuum sealer or gallon sized zip lock bag and squeeze the air out and you're done! Can I clean and freeze blue crab and boil after freezing? Replies-Yes you can. They really know how to pack the crab! (Wesley Chapel). If the Dungeness Crabs are alive, some people will freeze them for about 20 minutes-MAX, only to kill them off before cooking them. I do not want to freeze my cooked crab because more company is coming the next day. The meat was tuff, chewy, dryed out, and tasteless. We highly recommend the above book we commented from. by Crab-O-Licious Then they can either be cleaned and frozen or they can be frozen whole and cleaned later when you intend to serve them!Either way, if it possible, we recommend vacuum sealing your to maintain their freshness for as long as possible. We HIGHLY recommend cooking them right away OR cleaning them while they are alive (not for the sqeamish).... That way (cooked or "live cleaned") they can be safely frozen for your enjoyment later! 2. After this process you are good to go to steaming them for dinner! If you are certain that you are consuming those crabs this weekend, though, you can keep them in the frig. They go on to say that a less desirable, but feasible option for transporting and holding blue crabs is to ice them as one would ice shrimp or fish. A large male blue paw crab can deliver a nasty pinch. by Mikel Jordan When they die, toxins are released into their whole body which makes them unfit to eat. I bought some live Dungeness crab a few days ago and had them clean and then put in the freezer right away without precooking them. ), After cooking a whole crab, is it better to clean the crab and then freeze, or not clean it and freeze it? Take a sharp knife and poke the crab between the eyes. So watch this video for easy cleaning.Buy fresh crabs and fold back the tail flap and discard.Twist off the sharp ends of claws.Break large claw joint.With knife open the body and pull the top shell away from its body and discard.Remove spongy gills from both sides.Cut the crab along its centre.Remove the greenish-brown guts and discardRinse the crab well under running tap water.Add 1/2 tsp turmeric powder and some water and immerse the crabs for 5 minutes.Drain the water and crabs are ready for cooking.Please watch my next video 'crab sukka'.Music by: www.Incompetech.comFollow us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr and Pinterest. Using the tongs, pick up a crab and place it in the bucket of ice water. Can you freeze left-over boiled crabs? Replies-ABSOLUTELY! (Maple Valley, WA). by Jessica I've done this for years, but I have no idea why. Enjoy! This way we can bust our butts crabbing while the season is on (kinda short here) and still ENJOY the fruits of our labors year-round!With that said, you never ever want to freeze whole crab unless you have boiled it, first and foremost. Should I throw them out since it seems I did the wrong thing? I got some whole blue crabs at Vallis covered in plasic. How long do whole crab last in the freezer in a zip-lock bag? Replies-Granted that whole crabs are properly wrapped and have no puncture holes (from claws or pinchers) in the freezer bags, they can be stored in the freezer for up to 4-6 months. Enjoy!Check out more about How To Freeze Crab, here!Go to Crab Chat and glean some more pearls about crab!Find more Crab Meat Recipes, here!Go to Homepage. They boxed it in dry ice for us.

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