luxembourg minimum wage per hour 2019

While in some countries the demands aim at the next minimum wage adjustment, in others the campaigns have a more mid-term perspective. This is even more common outside Europe. Based on an introduction to the living wage concept, this article analyses how recent living wage initiatives in several EU Member States and the development of a European minimum wage policy could mutually reinforce each other and eventually result in a European living wage policy. Now available - This report present figures on real minimum wage rates and offers, for the first time, some insights into the net remuneration of those receiving the minimum wage. Despite all national particularities, the common feature of all these initiatives is the concept of a living wage, although the explicit use of the term is still limited mainly to Anglophone countries. It looks at the level of minimum wages, how they were set and how they have developed over time in nominal and real terms. Moreover, the living wage concept was also seen as key to the emancipation of the working class as it would provide the economic freedom necessary for political participation (Glickman, 1997: 3). Hurley, J, Vacas-Soriano, C, Muraille, M, Living Wage Technical Group (2019) 12,30 per hour. Finally, there are also numerous initiatives for substantially higher minimum wages in Central and Eastern Europe. Interesting? The question of which type of household is considered for the calculation of the living wage is also closely linked to the corresponding welfare state and the more fundamental question of which type of income should cover which type of costs (Hurley et al., 2018: 16–17). Deleted: Since 1 January 2020, the unqualified minimum social wage has been €12,3815 per hour, which is equivalent to €2,141.99 gross per month for a full time job (40 hours/month) ‘Fight for 14’. Living wages are also a core political issue in Spain, where the government has just increased the minimum wage by 22 per cent to €900 per month (Ministerio de Trabajo, Migraciones y Seguridad Social, 2018). Minimum Wages in Luxembourg remained unchanged at 2141.99 EUR/Month in the third quarter of 2020. [CDATA[// >