maize weevil damage

Damage inflicted on the kernels also provides potential openings for. a storage system due to respiration of stored products and other living organisms (i.e., maize. Temperatures may be attained which actually kill the insects. S. oryzae, the rice weevil, and S. zeamais, the maize weevil, are found in all warm and tropical parts of the world, but S. oryzae may also be found in wheat stored in temperate climates. As S. zeamais larvae feed on the interior of individual grains, often leaving only the hulls, a flour-like grain dust, mixed with frass is evident. There are many pantry pests which can infest homes and businesses. Maize Weevils are small and easy to kill, but they can complete their life cycle quickly. Of the three, the rice weevil is probably the most insidious, owing largely to the ability of flight. Hermetic storage (HS) of maize depletes oxygen and increases carbon dioxide inside. Type of damage: These weevils are very destructive grain pests. These hatch in about 6 days to larvae. Tainting with white, dusty excreta which contaminate the product as well as rendering it unpalatable. In large stores of grain, an increase in temperature m… If this material is a crop plant or seeds used for human food, the weevils may cause serious damage. A possible indication of infestation is grain, when placed in water, floating to the surface. It does not often breed in noncereal foods, although it does attack split peas and pasta. Infested grain will usually be found heating at the surface, and it may be damp, sometimes to such an extent that sprouting occurs. Though Meal Moths, Grain Beetles and Flour Beetles are very common, Maize Weevils are just as likely to be the unwanted insect in such areas. These weevils are very destructive grain pests. The maize weevil is very similar to the rice weevil, Sitophilus oryzae (see Fact Sheet no. During large infestations, heat and moisture are produced, leading to colonisation by moulds and mites. Early detection of infestation is difficult. Infested grains contain holes through which adults have emerged. The eggs hatch into larvae, which eat the plant material surrounding them. 328). Ragged holes in individual grains, similar to damage caused by the rice weevil and granaryweevil, may indicate infestation. Heating of the grain, accelerating development of the insects and making the commodity liable to caking, moulding and even germination. All three weevils develop as larvae within the grain kernels. S. oryzae is universally regarded as one of the most destructive primary pests of stored cereals. They frequently cause almost complete destruction of grain in elevators or bins, where conditions are favorable and the grain is undisturbed for some length of time. Maize weevils carried a great collection of other fungi including A. niger, A. glaucus, A. candidus, Penicillium islandicum, P. citrinum, Paecilomyces, Acremonium, Epicoccum, F. semitectum, yeasts and many others. Wheat, … disease and fungal growth in the grain (CGC, 2013b). The bean stem weevil (Alcidodes leucogrammus), bores into the base of the stem of French bean (Phaseolus) or cowpea (Vigna) plants and lays a small number of eggs. A very destructive weevil, with the adults attacking sound grain, and the adults and the larvae feeding inside them, leaving large cavities and emergence holes.

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