michigan turnpike authority

The reasonableness of the city's control of its streets is not to be within the final determination by the city in all cases, for that in practical effect could erase the word `reasonable' from the constitutional provision. Marie. As has been previously referred to in this opinion, a series of conferences between counsel representing plaintiff-appellant, plaintiff-intervenor, and defendant-appellee, resulted in an extensive stipulation of facts and issues. Later, roads were built with oak planks. Action was brought by private owners to restrain the city and the authority from entering into a contract on the ground that the authority ought to have to pay taxes in order to protect private business operators from unfair competition. [***] CLS 1954, §§ 252.101-252.126, Stat Ann 1953 Cum Supp §§ 9.1095 (1)-9.1095 (26). While the municipality in the performance of certain of its functions acts as agent of the State it may not as such agent fix for the State its public policy. The title of the act (PA 1953, No 176) is as follows: "An act to facilitate vehicular traffic in the State of Michigan by providing for construction, maintenance, repair and operation of turnpike projects, creating the Michigan turnpike authority and defining its powers and duties; providing for financing such projects by issuance of turnpike revenue bonds of the authority payable solely from tolls and other revenues to pay cost of construction, maintenance, repair and operation of such projects and to pay such bonds and the interest thereon; providing for appropriations for study of such projects and employment of engineers and others in connection therewith; providing for the taking over of uncompleted limited access highways, payment of bonds and the transfer of unexpended construction funds in connection therewith; and providing for court validation of turnpike revenue bonds.". The Authority has made no attempt to obtain such permission, nor have they ever indicated an intention to do so.". [30], MDOT assigns the numbers for a parallel system of county-designated highways in the state; the numbers are assigned in a grid system by the department. This road maintenance was performed under the guidance of the township road overseer, a separate elected township official, according to the wishes of his constituents, often without any county-level planning or coordination. In Fitzsimons & Galvin, Inc., v. Rogers, 243 Mich 649, this provision of the Constitution was urged by plaintiff whose property was being taken for a railroad right-of-way. The original termini for the Michigan Turnpike were Bridgeport and Rockwood. At the time, road construction was under the control of the township and county governments. [11][16] In addition, there are two occurrences of original M-numbered state routes which became US Highways with the same designations: all of M-16 became US 16 and most of M-10 from Detroit to Saginaw was assumed into the route of US 10 in 1926. Miller, Canfield, Paddock & Stone (Maxine Boord Virtue and Wood, King & Dawson, of counsel), for defendant. [98], At the end of the 1970s, MDOT took part in a FHWA-backed initiative called the Positive Guidance Demonstration Project, and the two agencies audited signage practices in the vicinity of the I-96/M-37 and I-296/US 131 interchange in Walker near Grand Rapids. [44] The planks were removed over time and replaced with gravel roads. Due process of law does not require the damages in such proceedings to be assessed by a jury.' [88] Also in 1972, a gas tax increase was passed to facilitate US and state highway improvement projects. In that case this Court held that where bonds are payable solely from revenue there is no pledge of State credit. There is no showing in this record that the Authority contemplates constructing bridges over navigable streams which will interfere with the public's right of navigation and, therefore, we hold that section 2(b) of the turnpike act (CLS 1954, § 252.102, Stat Ann 1953 Cum Supp § 9.1095[2]) is not in conflict with the Constitution (1908), art 8, § 14. [76] Ziegler and the MSHD announced plans for a full freeway to run north through the Lower Peninsula and continue across to the Upper Peninsula. That report also recommended the creation of a commission and system for state highways. [51], The first centerline was painted on a state highway in 1917 along the Marquette–Negaunee Road which was designated Trunkline 15, now County Road 492 in Marquette County. The turnpike act can be and will be construed that it was the legislative intent, as expressed in the act, that the Authority obtain the consent referred to in the preceding paragraph. This Court approved legislative grant of the right of fact-finding powers and discretionary authority in the case of In re Brewster Street Housing Site, 291 Mich 313. The court, in passing upon the question, said (p 315): "Acts performed in carrying out a legislative mandate, as an incident to the exercise of a general power conferred by the legislature, are not ultra vires where they were within the contemplation of the legislature when it granted the general power.". This section of the turnpike act is not mandatory upon the Authority, as it expressly states that the Authority may take such action in the Ingham circuit court "if it deems it expedient." Article 6, § 22, of the Constitution, provides, in part: "The State civil service shall consist of all positions in the State service except those filled by popular election, heads of departments, members of boards and commissions, employees of courts of record, of the legislature, of the higher educational institutions recognized by the State Constitution, all persons in the military and naval forces of the State, and not to exceed 2 other exempt positions *56 for each elected administrative officer, and each department, board and commission.". Whereas those revenues during the war dropped to levels barely sufficient to keep existing highways in usable condition, they were increased during the following decade to deal with increasing traffic. [68][69], The state passed legislation in 1941 that authorized the creation of limited-access roadways; the MSHD could prohibit access to a state trunkline from the adjacent properties. (CLS 1954, § 252.113, Stat Ann 1953 Cum Supp § 9.1095[13].). Michigan Legislature. [57] Congress passed the Federal Aid Road Act of 1916, and the state passed a constitutional amendment in 1917 to qualify for federal aid with state funding matches. We believe the trial court so held. Michigan Turnpike Authority, supra. It is the opinion of this Court that the trial court's denial of continuance for an appeal did not constitute an abuse of discretion or reversible error. In addition, there are systems of roads maintained by the federal government and local counties. [93], During the 1960s and 1970s, various freeway projects in the Detroit area were cancelled or scaled back in scope. "`In the absence of a special constitutional or statutory provision there is no right to trial by jury in condemnation proceedings. The Authority has elected to use PA 1925, No 352, section 1 of which provides: "(i) The State highway commissioner and boards of county road commissioners are authorized and empowered to take property and property rights under the provisions of this act within the limits of any incorporated city or village in this State: Provided, however, That before any proceedings are taken under this act involving the taking of any property or property rights in any city or village for the changing, altering, opening or widening of any street or highway, said street or highway shall be taken over as county road or designated as a State trunk line or Federal aid highway, as the case may be, and the consent of the village or city council by resolution so to take over or designate said street or highway as a county road or State trunk line or Federal aid highway shall be first obtained." A system of toll-free highways has been viewed as important to commerce, industry, tourism, and general economic development.". Congress granted certain forest and swamp lands to the state in 1850. These highways, while signed from connecting trunklines and shown on the official MDOT map, are maintained by the various counties. Article 5, § 30, of the Constitution (1908) provides: "The Legislature shall pass no local or special act in any case where a general act can be made applicable, and whether a general act can be made applicable shall be a judicial question. [66] The 1932 McNitt Act consolidated all of the township-controlled roads into 83 county road commissions. [74] The state highway commissioner at the time, Charles Ziegler, distrusted a separate agency dealing with statewide road building at the time and worked to stall progress on any proposed turnpikes. The Michigan Legislature Website is a free service of the Legislative Internet Technology Team in cooperation with the Michigan Legislative Council, the Michigan House of Representatives, and the Michigan Senate. Toll roads can divert traffic to parallel routes, with possible neighborhood impacts. An examination of the turnpike act discloses that the legislature carefully framed and limited the purpose and procedure to be followed by the Authority, such as annual reports to the governor and the legislature; annual audits; the requirement that rules and regulations of the Authority are to be adopted under the provisions of the administrative code and the administrative procedure act; and that *71 final acts of the Authority are to be journalized and open to the public. Other changes recommended at the time, like the truncation of M-54 to remove it from the wrong-way concurrency with M-83 near Birch Run,[105] has never been implemented. The Michigan Turnpike Authority was established in 1951 to build turnpikes between Detroit and Chicago, and Toledo and Bay City (these routes became I‑94 and I‑75). The legislature set up definite purposes, definite methods, whereby costs of construction and operation should be met without imposing a tax load on the people of the State. * * * While the plaintiff has his right in court, of course, yet the defendant, in this sort of a case, has an equal right to a determination of the allegations made against him. This Court finds that sections 4, 5 and 7 of the Michigan turnpike act are not in violation of the Michigan Constitution (1908), art 8, §§ 27 and 28. That the proposed turnpike will prevent plaintiff from furnishing adequate police and fire protection to all sections of the city. And section 13 of the turnpike act reads, in part: "Such tolls shall not be subject to supervision or regulation by any other commission, board, bureau or agency of the State." [8] During World War II, the Willow Run Expressway, the Detroit Industrial Expressway and the Davison Freeway were built, ushering in the beginnings of the state's freeway system. [40], Townships were given authority to construct roads under the supervision of county commissioners in 1817. To secure them, the old local public road policy was abandoned; and by appropriate legislation there was adopted a complete and comprehensive State-wide system, the basic theory of which is that the building of a highway in any section of the State is of interest to every other section; that it is a matter of State-wide concern rather than of any particular locality.".

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