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After becoming friends with turtles, she shows her true relaxed, friendly, playful and hopeful personality. Mira is a humanoid meerkat with pale brown fur and four-fingered hands. Given her attitude and size, Mira is probably in her mid-teens. [11] Later, she switched to a more casual and skimpy attire to perform different music, this being a leather band covering her breasts, a matching leather miniskirt and fishnet stockings held up by suspenders. The Cramp Twins Searching for streaming and purchasing options ... Common Sense is a nonprofit organization. Magic [19] Mirajane's Satan Soul is also capable of taking over Demons and Etherious on the brink of death, while saving them in the process; although they lose control of their bodies in return. Adam, Mira and Kai spy a lighthouse and send out a distress signal -- only to stumble into a bizarre new world inhabited by a mysterious being. During their second meeting, when Mira was chained in the Shellraisers, Raph immediately wanted to get rid of her without worrying about what could have happened to the thief girl but convinced by Dony he did not grant it yet a little respite. The trio must escape their prison and discover themselves as they overcome challenges together. Its not that bad though. Steal vehicles, Learn about trees What kinds of things does The Hollow depict that are easier to show as animation? Legends of Tomorrow The only person who really scares him is Maximus Kong (An amnesiac Leonardo) and preferred to flee rather than face him. The star rating reflects overall quality. Do-Gooder The friends land on an island overrun with mutant spider-people. Arrived at an abandoned service station, Raph will fill up with petrol without the doubt that the meerkat discreetly loosens its chains. Raph asks Mira if they are still far away, so that Mira explains that the map does not really specify a distance, rather marks. Alias How Technology Is Reshaping Democracy and Our Lives, Participate in DigCit Week with your kid by using curated activities from Wide Open School, Online Playdates, Game Nights, and Other Ways to Socialize at a Distance, Keeping Kids Motivated for Online Learning, Set limits for violence and more with Plus. Can they pull together and solve the mysteries of who they are, how they got here -- and how they're going to get out? Rōmaji Locked in an underground cell, Mira bitterly watched two lizard guards drinking in front of her and one of them gave her his gourd but it was intentionally empty. Mirajane plays a motherly role within the guild, and is often seen running the bar at the guild hall. I watched this on my own and loved it. iZombie The Weird GuySupernatural Hulk and the Agents of S.M.A.S.H. She has gone so far as to change her appearance, in order to fool the Phantom Lord Guild into thinking she was Lucy, whom they were trying to capture. Plot Season 1. [7][2] Mirajane also wears high-heeled shoes that match her dress, and accessorizes with a small chain necklace with a blue oval gem attached to it, and a bracelet made of white flowers circling her right wrist. [5], Mirajane’s most commonly seen attire is a sleeveless, ankle-length maroon dress with a pleated skirt. © Common Sense Media. She also seemed sad for the loss of their two brothers. Ashleigh Ball was born on March 31, 1983 in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada as Ashleigh Adele Ball. (Yay rep!!) Mirajane's favorite food is Kuzumochi because, according to her, the texture of the food is irresistible. She's good at cooking, as stated by Lisanna. Ashleigh Ball, Connor Parnall, Adrian Petriw, Vito Viscomi, Josh Mepham, Kathy A. Rocchio, Greg Sullivan. However, there have been a couple events that have disturbed Mirajane, including her discovery of the theft of an S-Class job by Natsu Dragneel, Happy and Lucy Heartfilia, and her later conflict with Laxus Dreyar following the destruction of the guild building. [74], Enhanced Speed: Without the aid of Satan Soul Mirajane was able to appear behind and surprise a monologuing Azuma with a charged punch which released a little bit of Magic Power. She also sported a bracelet shaped like a demonic arm around her right wrist, a ring on the same hand's middle finger, and dark nail polish. Great messages about courage and teamwork.

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