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Developer: Picomy 5 in Group Chat | View Stats. Because each pax has their own vastly distinct stories and goals, Lina’s approach to keeping them happy (and therefore making sure that her oh-so-important star rating doesn’t decrease) will be quite different depending on just who is in the backseat. This is where Neo Cab’s excellent writing shines brightest. For the most part, you see Neo Cab’s story play out from the inside of Lina’s car. Not knowing anyone else in Los Ojos and being incredibly short on Coin, Lina continues picking up pax — Neo Cab passengers — as she searches for Savy, all while trying to keep her cool within the looming shadow of a company threatening her very livelihood. I often found that I’d have to accept one extra ride even after meeting Lina’s quota for a night just to get the Coin I’d need for the next day, though I imagine thriftier gamers could probably figure out ways around that. Neo Cab was developed by Chance Agency and published by Fellow Traveler. Loads of replayability, excellent sci-fi setting and cyberpunk world-building, wonderful cast, personal story about growth. Your choices and decisions have a minor spiraling effect and in a more interesting and fluid way than “X will remember that,” although it’s not one that will ever permanently lock stuff away from you. Animation is minimal but effective: subtle shifts of the faces or side glances as the streets roll by. Peeking not too far into the future, this is a world where human drivers are a rare specimen. You can go to space, battle dragons, save the world, and drive taxis. On my good ending playthrough, I was close enough with just two of my pax to potentially have a final ride with one of them, and that’s only a tiny fraction of the characters you get to know while traversing Los Ojos. Neo Cab is a personal, thought-provoking sci-fi journey offering replayability and player choice. Neo Cab is a single-player branching narrative game about humanity… And the pitfalls that come with it. There’s even a proposed safety law that threatens to completely ban all human drivers in the city. I’d often have to replay scenes whenever I returned to the game after closing it on my Switch simply because the auto-save had happened earlier for that night and I hadn’t yet reached another save point. Gamers easily get the sense that they’re the ones driving down Los Ojos’ roads as the story plays out. Neo Cab takes place in a somewhat dystopian, somewhat cyberpunk world – and no, I don’t want to get into a debate on whether it’s pre-, post-, or just regular cyberpunk. Natalie Flores is a freelance writer who loves to talk about games, K-pop and too many other things. Tim has been playing PC games for longer than he's willing to admit. Neo Cab’s characters are colorful and diverse, and I loved learning more about Lina’s pax and seeing how their stories developed as I accepted their returning ride offers. Indeed, as long as you remember to go and visit a charging station, the game largely eschews any real need to think hard about your finances or decisions. Mechanically, though, it means you can’t just pick whatever conversation options you like. Neo Cab has players take the mantle of Lina Romero, a woman who just moved to the nearly fully automated city of Los Ojos at the request of her best friend Savy. Neo Cab is billed as a survival game of sorts, but truthfully the survival aspects are minimal. Neo Cab. Each pax varies greatly in terms of personality and design, and your job as Lina is to not only drive them but also serve as a confidant. I’m preaching to the converted, but video games are great, right? I suspect (and hope) there are other ways of getting this information on different playthroughs, but great as Oona is, that method of progressing the plot feels a tad lazy. I’ll avoid story details, as that’s a major draw for this title. If you’re not well off, you navigate through a framework that the rich have crafted for you in which you are kept poor and struggling as they only amass more wealth. Both Night Call and Neo Cab concern themselves with the interactions of the driver with the world and the passengers rather than going from A to B, with some interesting results. But as she sits in the back of my cab, ranting about how her mother is a fascist, I find myself struggling to choose whether to be blunt or just let it go for the sake of my rating. Neo Cab is a short but altogether engrossing and clever game that offers players a lot of replayability. Audra Bowling is a reviewer for RPGFan. I’ll avoid story details, as that’s a major draw for this title. At least I have Neo Cab. She’s described as a “quantum witch” capable of figuring things out based on alternate realities, albeit through science. The characters—both likable and not—are so superbly written that each one is distinct and feels like a real person, making choices often difficult. Gamers easily get the sense that they’re the ones driving down Los Ojos’ roads as the story plays out. Neo Cab chooses to see the importance of the little cogs, and that’s why it’ll stick with me. It’s similar to a visual novel in which your choices affect dialogue and, at times, your ending. For the record? Lina is a driver for the titular Neo Cab, one of the few taxi services that still employs human drivers. A short but entertaining and beautiful look at cyberpunk dystopia, through the unlikely lens of a gig economy taxi driver. In a regular setting, I’d have no problem telling a well-off 14-year old white girl that she doesn’t need to explain racism or poverty to me as Lina. Still! Lina is a driver for the company Neo Cab as a statement against the megacorporation that is Capra, which controls almost everything from hotels to health insurance to technology. Coffee helps keep her world going round. I know from them that it’s not just the grueling physical labor of driving many miles or standing in one place for nine hours to serve customers that makes life difficult. I didn’t even meet a few of them in my playthroughs due to the different routes I took. She is a lover of RPGs, Visual Novels, and Fighting Games.

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