ogee curve surgery

Note that where you strike these arcs determines if the ogee will be a cyma recta – where the curves bend to a horizontal – or a cyma reversa – where the curve bend to the vertical. Not doing surgery for a long ass time. You were already gl enough to pull girls irl. Donc0ck Adept. Saved by Rainbow Qilin This is where the arc lengths of the curves are the same. Attachments. 921826FC-F5B8-4380-8B5F-B6920F006904.jpeg. I’ll mog you as well. 99.8 KB Views: 152. Pretty bad tbh I have the same ogre curve as you at 25% bf and my zygos are nothing special. Like the approach for many custom facial implants the area augmented should look like a natural part of the bone. (although for a female thismay be fine). cheekbone . Draw an arc that bisects your line segment. I fully acknowledge posting on these websites is a total waste of time though. Quit taking over other people's threads trying to convince yourself otherwise. This site uses cookies to help personalise content, tailor your experience and to keep you logged in if you register. It's a lot easier to surgerymax than to status or moneymax. Imagine paying for a surgery using a loan. He would have the status, money, and good enough looks that he would never had to have bothered to let these forums get to him enough for surgery. Statusmaxxing and moneymaxxing irl will take you so much farther than surgery ever will. Fuk OP Laflame90201; Start date Sep 17, 2020; L. Laflame90201 Wizard. High but low bone mass, a little bit more mass and they would be good, very highset but bonemass looks average mass. The concept of lazy S-shaped curves lacks a specific meaning when it comes to actually creating them. Quit taking over other people's threads trying to convince yourself otherwise. My first approach is that the ogee curve on the implant design should at least look natural. Step 4. Many patients that present for custom cheek and infraorbital-malar implants have what appears to be a normal appearing bony ogee curve as seen on their 3D CT scans in the oblique view. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. The attractive doctor look is a legitimately underrated appeal and would halo him insanely hard. While with injection techniques the creation of specific curved changes should not be an expected precisional outcome of the procedure, this is not true in the design of custom cheek/midface implants. (low, medium and high projections). I’m only going to do this one. you look like Ganghis khan. Just stop bro this is getting embarrassing. 921826FC-F5B8-4380-8B5F-B6920F006904.jpeg, 4096A29A-C4D3-499D-97F8-FCC695FB8A63.jpeg. Post a god damn frontal , once I get almond eye surgery . Web Marketing Powered by Ceatus Media Group, LLC, Aesthetic Insights – The Ogee Curve and Cheek/Midface Augmentation, Plastic Surgery Case Study – Resorbable Plate and Screw Fixation of Pediatric Mandible Fractures, Clinical Outcomes in Rib Removal Surgery for Waistline Reduction, The Surgical Technique of Clavicular Osteotomies in Shoulder Width Reduction, Masculinizing the Male Forehead with Custom Brow Bone Implants, Case Study: Lengthening of the Nose with a Rib Graft Rhinoplasty, custom cheek and infraorbital-malar implants. This is what I’m saying. While on the face this may correspond to a point below the infraorbital rim, lateral to the lateral canthus and at a point on the cheekbone anterior enough so that the arch its still seen, such soft tissue landmarks don’t exist on 3D CT scans. Rage Is my ogee curve decent ? There are numerous shape options available which is very similar to the options available for the projection of breast implant seen in the profile view. Nice bro just leave this place tbh. While specific curve shape aesthetics currently remain lacking, its shape should be consistent with a soft s-shaped curve that looks like a natural part of the bone. Is it above average ? You must log in or register to reply here. Still probably going to go or either get a PhD. If a lower projecting curve shape is used this may create too much lower cheek fullness which in a male is usually undesired. Given the high aesthetic relevance of the oblique or three-quarter view of this facia area one important design feature to evaluate is the implant’s impact on the bony ogee curve. But a good design rule to follow is that the point of maximum convexity of the lower ogee curve should be at the midpoint of the cheekbone. Not true. JavaScript is disabled. You were above average but not model tier. He made a conservative estimate of swelling dissipating within a month so I hope the same trend concurs and I can bear swelling within three weeks. Mdhopeful and mexicancell mog you to the moon and back boyo. I'm here because I'm ugly and too depressed/low motivation to do anything else. Joined Mar 2, 2020 Posts 1,365 Reputation 740 Time online 20d 20h 19m. Sep 17, 2020 #1 Title . why are all your thread titles so dramatic? This ogee is a cma reversa. We should talk some time. Idk why you even found this place MD Hopeful. Admittedly this statement seems a bit abstract. You got a good life ahead of you so just go for it. It does more harm than good. Thus a specific bony point must be used. With such implant designs the bony ogee curve is affected in a very precise way by its side and shape. Most people from what I can see are either autistic, young teens, or just like to flex online for some strange reason. Mdhopeful and mexicancell mog you to the moon and back boyo. English (Zygomatic bone) Alternative forms * cheek bone Noun The small prominent bone of the cheek.

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