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We then gauge the difference of plays prior to being on the list(s) vs. after being on the list(s). ranks first for the search term ‘best music promotion‘, which means the agency knows how to do their work well. Your campaign has the possibility of doing better or worse. He explains how he built a thriving business and teaches how you too can make money through music. I will continue to work with him and his company. Since it’s hard to gauge popularity of playlists on Apple Music, we give preference for lists that we know are being advertised via social media ads. Blogs do this to keep the playlist content fresh and the songs per playlist down so that listeners can hear a variety of music. Secondly, proving popularity on Apple Music can be a strong talking point if you’re trying to get signed to a label because it is a more difficult platform to gain popularity on. If your song features a popular playlist, you can gain instant fame. The key factor is the performance (your part) and the headline (our part). You are permitted to send in edited versions. It is a site dedicated to streaming music alone, which makes it your best go-to service. As a writer, Nathaniel offers more than just music promotion. I have used them for both Spotify and YouTube promo, and they always deliver! Here are some estimated play ranges we’ve seen from averaging previous campaigns. Also, while the blog is not a ‘Christian’ blog, Omari is a Christian and it would be hypocritical to promote content that contradicts with his beliefs. Omari MC Promotion is an agency that promotes music and uses various websites for marketing it. There are some lists that are more language specific, but seeing as English is a widely spoken language, you’ll still see followers from all over following English speaking lists. However, if you are not sure if your content is explicit or not, you can send it with a note saying you are not sure about the content. This is why good promoters and the right promotion tactics are so important. Honesty. Click Here to Learn More about Omari MC music promotion services! You can use social media, email lists, send your stuff out to media stations, get it reviewed on blogs, or take advantage of the services of a promotion service. If you are, however, willing to rise above, paid promotion is the solution for you. Your song will be pitched to a certain percentage of available lists in our network for your genre. You can order promotion up to one month before your release date. If we had 10 playlists that featured Pop music in our network and you ordered a smaller package, your song would not be pitched to all 10 playlists, only a portion of them.). There is a one-time set up fee of $197 that covers your 30-minute consultation, social media audit, video editing/creation, image editing/creation, copywriting and pixel installation (if applicable)., Facebook & Instagram Custom Ads Management Description & FAQ's, Instagram Influencer Campaign Description & FAQ's. You don’t have to spend thousands of dollars in a fancy studio to do this, just make sure the quality is good. Given this, we advise looking at your video stats in your dashboard during the campaign. There are several ways you can promote your music. They will appear on the IG feed only (unless the influencer really likes your video, then they can include it in their stories, but it is not required of them). Our main stipulation is no explicit content (cursing, misogyny, inappropriate clothing, drug use, violence, etc.) The only thing we’re doing for promotion is placing your song(s) on playlists that we have verified with our network are not botted. Music promotion is not always easy, especially when you are a new artist. We cannot force people to like your song, but we can do our absolute best to ensure it gets seen by the right people. (Business hours between 10 A.M. - 6 P.M. EST M-F), Copyright 2020 - Omari MC - All Rights Reserved, Please enter a number greater than or equal to, (I.e. The campaigns available vary in prices allowing you to choose one that suits your budget. Then we send it to our influencers where they can see what style and genre of video it is. Also, branding your video with an intro and end screen that encourages engagement drastically increases these elements too. We do not. *, [Christian] Loudbrook - Light Cancels Darkness, Contemporary Christian Music (33K Followers), Top Hits From New Artists (20K Followers), Gaming Playlist & Workout Radio (23K Followers), Top Hits From New Artists (20K Followers). As a bonus to every promotion order, you get a free copy of Omari's 'The Unconventional 6-Figure Music Business' ebook. Your song will be pitched to a certain percentage of available lists in our network for your genre. $1,000/monthly (25% commission of ad spend to Omari for upkeep, editing, scaling, and data analytics.) Once you buy a package it will take 1-3 business days for the campaign to kick off. Pay $77 to have your song reposted to 1.25 million followers. . We’ll then cross-check the request to make sure it’s a good fit, then we’ll approve your video for their channel! We offer bulk discounts when ordering 3 or more packages! No password is required. ), All campaigns come with 'The Unconventional 6-Figure Music Business' ebook FREE ($37 Value), All campaigns come with our Facebook & IG ads course for musicians called 'Seven Figure Social' ($297 value), If you accumulate over $250 in promo spend, you'll get free access to our Spotify Audio ads course that can help you grow your own playlists like the pros. For bigger packages, it is pitched to a larger percentage of lists. No, but you do need to have an ads account active so that we can request access as advertisers. Most of the time you’re not going to follow an artist until you hear several songs you like from them. *Please note that the actual ad spend portion will be coming from your own ad account on Facebook/Instagram and is not being billed here*. Now he shares that network with musicians of all genres through his music promotion services, which are the best money can buy. You very well could! All other questions can be put in the contact form. This is why our pricing is monthly to allow enough time to attribute conversions toward the proper campaigns. For smaller packages, it is pitched to a smaller percentage of lists. While you can get some spill over audience from YouTube, Kid Travis knew that Instagram ad campaigns could boost his presence on IG even further! I 100% recommend Omari. However, from his time producing, Omari created a large network of loyal fans and popular music influencers. Your order will be responded to within 1 to 4 business days with details on the initial processing of the order. There are several services online that rely on bots to promote music, something that can get you heavily penalized by the platforms you promote your music on. You very well could! Thus, the song is mixed and mastered. Have a quick question before ordering? = $8,200 total ad spend monthly. Omari MC Promotion Services Review: Legit Music Promotion? is a professional music promotion agency and music marketing blog. The login page will open in a new tab. I understand I am not guaranteed results of any earnings. That's why we're giving out Omari's Social Media Ads Course For Musicians ($297 Value) INSTANTLY after you purchase any promotion package. Thanks loads for the numbers! Omari MC Promotion is an agency that promotes music and uses various websites for marketing it. Additionally, Omari has written loads of educational material for anyone braving today's music industry. To avoid the loss and to gain trust with followers, it is wise to use genuine services like this one. We provide a tracking link via Spotontrack where you can see which playlist(s) your song is featured in. If we don’t feel any of your video(s) are ready for promotion, we’ll refund the order. Since this is our BETA testing round, we do not have enough data to confidently give accurate play ranges. Once a payment is missed we will offer the management spot to an artist on the waiting list since Facebook & IG limit the amount of accounts we are able to manage. Free eBook. YouTube analytics has some impressive tracking options. Promoting your music through Omari MC Promotion gives you a massive following as a result of the owner’s extensive network. Encouraging cursing, misogyny, drug use, and violence are not things we believe in. However, getting it into only ‘Dreampop’ lists is not likely to happen during the Apple Music promotion. You will never stop using them in your career, no matter how big you get. By enlisting the help of a reputable promotion service. Obviously, you will get higher engagement with high quality music and marketing strategy. However, it is not as easy as it sounds, and that’s why you need the services of a Spotify Promotion company like this one. Just make a note in the description box and we will wait to promote until then. Micro-managing a campaign will only cause you anxiety and us a headache. {"email":"Email address invalid","url":"Website address invalid","required":"Required field missing"}. There we will discuss the goals of the campaign & do an audit of your profile(s). We review the song first, then will pitch it to our blog network. Omari MC Promotion has proven that organic music promotion is possible, and you do not need to buy fake or bot plays to get noticed. Most orders start to see results within 5 business days of purchase. We strive to do the best we can, but it is indeed authentic promotion. We cannot guarantee all views will come from these locations, but will do our best to make the majority of them come from your desired locations. Package levels for the ad spend are as follows: As long as the monthly price is paid, we will continue to manage the ads. The biggest difference between Spotify & Apple Music promotion is that Apple Music has higher payouts per stream. is a professional music promotion agency and music marketing blog. We can do all genres! That is why we give a range of expected views for your campaign. For instance, if a song is Dreampop, it would likely get placed in playlists that feature Pop music. Playlists/channels will request/post your song on a voluntarily basis. You will be tagged in the posts so that people who like your video can follow your channel. Click Here to Learn More about Omari MC YouTube music promotion services! The key factor is the performance (your part) and the headline (our part). 500K: 5,000-50,000 plays. You will need to set up your own account there to see detailed stats. Omari is the first Spotify promoter I've found who is a combination of affordable, operating a legitimate business (not using bots or "fake" trade-streams), an honest communicator, and accessible for fast answers by email. It is expected that you will gain new engagement from the promotion, but we cannot guarantee any set number of followers. We cannot force people to like your video, but we can do our absolute best to ensure it gets seen by the right people. Copyright 2020 - Omari MC - All Rights Reserved, The Unconventional 6-Figure Music Business. It is run by Nathaniel (Omari) Moore, who was a music producer at the age of 14. If we don’t feel your video is ready for promotion, we’ll refund the order. 250K: 2,500-25,000 plays Anyone from anywhere is free to follow any playlist on Apple Music. His main goal was to achieve new followers who are seriously interested in his journey as an artist. You will have the freedom to disconnect after your campaign is over. Omari has been awesome to work with. Your music can still talk about mature subjects without being vulgar. Just use the code OFFTENPERCENT at checkout. It has excellent customer reviews praising it for successful campaigns and honoring their word. I understand I may choose to disconnect my ad account at the end of the 30 days. Just make sure your performance is quality. Omari MC Promotion is an agency that promotes music and uses various websites for marketing it. We do a thorough check of all channels to ensure they were not grown using bots or fake followers.

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