plusnet broadband review

It can be tough to choose a broadband provider - it's an industry steeped in loads of complicated jargon, after all - but we're here to make it easy for you. For this simple request I had to have a new contract. Given many websites throttle downloads etc. Like most broadband providers, Plusnet charge you for the remainder of your 12 months contract if you leave before those 12 months are up. Most people don't realise that 80% of problems with Plusnet comes from the failure of Open Reach in maintaining and improving the line that they ( BT ) rent to Plusnet. The advertising is all hype. I've had enough and am looking elsewhere. PLUSNET was fined £800,000 by Ofcom for taking money from peoples accounts for a service they failed to give.They are still doing so.In December 2019 I paid £198 up front for a years line rental and a direct debit monthly for broadband. Thanks :-). about cookies and how to manage them. And you can knock even more off your bill by choosing a longer term contract, or by paying for a year of line rental upfront. The whole system is rubbish. Enjoy the best in home entertainment with great value TV and broadband bundles from leading providers. Just like typical scammers! Also after signing up they cancelled and remade my order when I rang to investigate/complain I became aware that even though I'd called the same number as before I was being presented with a different menu and much longer wait time. It should have been an automatic renewal in December.I suspect that by claiming I'm 'out of contract' [no I'm not] and threatening discontinuation of the service, someone is getting commission for setting me up as a 'new customer' instead of a renewal in December.WHERE ARE YOU CEO MARC ALLERA in sorting out your errant subsidiary? However, the range is lower than BT's two mid-tier packages, primarily because the testing base is higher (and therefore more accurate) for Plusnet than the other suppliers. I also made the dreadful mistake of choosing PlusNet to supply us with router and line. Plusnet believe that they can use words like 'Unlimited' and 'Anytime' in their marketing and then apply special terms and conditions to these words which - if you're not aware and not careful - lead to unexpected charges. PlusNet are very good. No set up cost. never by referral revenue. Last checked 09/2020. I am getting around 73.50Mb when I do a speed test and my upload is around 18.40Mb. One particularly nice boon with Plusnet TV is that you can get BT Sport. Get Faster Wi-Fi: Boost Wi-Fi and Data Speeds on Your Phone, Laptop, and PC and Stop Neighbors from Stealing Your Bandwidth, How to Decommission, Reuse, or Sell Your Old PC, How to Transfer Files from PC to Android Phone using Wi-Fi, What is Kodi? Several have had 4. Eventually Skype sorted this problem with Plusnet and my Skype calls are now mostly OK. My current problem is still not sorted out though. My dealings with Plusnet have been very good. They are just as bad! Plusnet broadband reviews. Doing a factory reset, after removing my sim and sd card, and after backing up all of my contacts, means that I can now use PlusNet wifi calling inside my home, which the Three firmware was blocking me from doing. I've used Plusnet for my home since 2005 until 2009 where I switched to O2 and then this time last year, March 2012, switched back to Plusnet then in May had issues which they got BT to resolve within 2 weeks. Plusnet advertise the following broadband download speeds: 10Mb, 36Mb and 66Mb, with the latter two speeds being delivered via fibre broadband. It's odd that email contact works very well in my experience with other online service providers. You can get download speeds averaging 10Mbps with Unlimited Broadband. It offers an average download of 11Mb for ADSL, and 36Mb or 66Mb for fibre optic depending on your choice of package. Costs may vary depending on location. Generally speaking I think it is a good ISP overall. (I have a Line Rental Saver)I immediately received an email saying:***********From: Plusnet SupportSent: 13 August 2020 11:31To: Your broadband order – UpdateDear Mr XXXXXX,Account username: XXXXXXXXXXThere's been a problem with processing your broadband order.Once we've got more details, we'll deal with this and contact you if we need to.If you've got any questions, please contact us using the Help Assistant:XXXXXXXX or give us a call on 0800 432 0200 or 0345 140 0200.Kind regards, Plusnet Customer Support Email ref: E0553**********I also received a message on my Plusnet account page saying: (SIC)******“The reason given was ‘The modified BAC is not under the same Customer Accounts (CUS) as the original BAC”.Modify order type:An attempted move from ADSL 1 WBC to ADSL2+An attempt to change the upstream cappingPlease check why the order has been rejected and contact the customer.”**********I have had no contact to date.On 28th August I thought I would try to move to fibre again and I tried to register for another Fibre Broadband account (the price had now risen to £11.00 per month).I received a confirmation email saying:*********Hello XXXXX, Account username: XXXXXXXXXX We've received your product change request and have now started the process of moving your products to: • Broadband package: Unlimited Fibre • Contract: 18 months • Hardware: NoneThis will change over on 7th September 2020 and your new cost per month will be £11.00.

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