prevalence in a medical sentence

This number is expected to increase to 629 million in 2045. It was claimed that in the area formerly inhabited by this culture, Compared to many countries in the region, the, There is, then, a psycholinguistic explanation for the, In distinguishing whether the language is a priori or a posteriori, the, The section below lists mergers in order of approximately decreasing, A significant amount of written records on slavery are found, suggesting a, The goal of harmonizing state law is important because of the, Cholera likely has its origins in the Indian subcontinent as evidenced by its, The region has also been noted for the relative, Clinical severity, rather than incidence or, It was once known as woolsorter's disease because of its, Regarding broader issues, the objective of our paper was to quantify the, Thus we can establish that the first text, ARET XI 1, in which there is a clear, Lung, laryngeal and cervical cancer incidences were highest in the South, corresponding with the region with the highest smoking, Although variable among geographic regions and within host species, the, We found a statistically significant higher, This retrospective study aimed to determine the, Languages in the region display an usually high, Unweighted sample sizes are presented along with weighted, Relationship between breastfeeding duration and, Several studies have also documented the presence and, Oral administration of Lactobacillus reuteri during the first year of life reduces caries, Is forced dextrality an explanation for the fall in the, In Europe, asymptomatic blood infections by hematozoa have been regularly observed, with an especially high, I can''t help feeling that the increasing, First, we estimated the reduction in the infestation, This is the first study to examine the relationship between exposure to fluoridated water and ADHD, Consanguineous marriage is customary in many societies, but leads to an increased birth, Some social scientists attribute the increasing, For instance, it is still recommended that testing panels in the private sector test for phencyclidine, even though, Franco at the Cancer Epidemiology Unit, conducted the HITCH Cohort Study to determine the, Effects of tick control by acaricide self-treatment of white-tailed deer on host-seeking tick infection, There is a huge interest in the field because presbyopia, The Joy of Pain is here to help us identify the why and how, not only of this specific emotion's, Malaria endemicity may change rapidly, particularly in 'fringe areas' of plasmodial, But the growing consumption of pistachios may be leading to a higher frequency of allergic sensitization and an increased, Similar pathogenetic principles operate in Alzheimer s and Parkin-son s disease, and a growing list of further diseases whose, Johnson, Brett, Roberts and Wassersug investigated the. In 1865 he published Primitive Marriage, in which, arguing from the prevalence of the symbolical form of capture in the marriage ceremonies of primitive races, he developed an intelligible picture of the growth of the marriage relation and of systems of kinship (see Family) according to natural laws. Prevalence in the United States is about 10 percent. In multivariate analysis, only obesity was associated with diabetes among inmates (Table 2). Medical College, Raipur, Chhattisgarh, INDIA. and/or defined hypertension. The prevalence of elephantiasis and the occurrence of leprosy, for instance, in Hawaii, would seem to point at least in some places to a racial taint, due perhaps to the unbridled licentiousness of past generations. Sedentary lifestyle, hypertension, smoking, and alcohol consumption were the main CVRFs in this population. "Prevalence of Body Art (Body Piercing and Tattooing) in University Undergraduates and Incidence of Medical Complications.". In cases involving bites from domestic animals in which the animal is not available for examination, the decision for vaccination is made based on the prevalence of rabies within the region where the bite occurred. During the prevalence of the north and north-west winds the surface level of the northern part of the Red Sea is depressed by as much as 2 ft. Owing to the prevalence of moist west and south-west winds the climate of Finland is less severe than it is farther east in corresponding latitudes. Classification and diagnosis of diabetes: Standards of Medical Care in Diabetes—2019,”, “Parliament of Cameroon. Design : Semi-structured interview and case note review of randomly selected cross section of male remand population. Consequently in Britain there is a strong tradition of investigating the prevalence of ill health and specific medical conditions among older people. Grant, BF et al. The prevalence of south-west winds during nine months of the year and of north-west during three (April - June) has a strong influence on the temperature and rainfall, tides, river mouths and outlets, and also, geologically, on dunes and sand drifts, and on fens and the accumulation of clay on the coast. The prevalence of predial slavery in Aragon and Valencia can be largely explained by the number of Mudjares, that is Mahommedans living under Christian rule, and of Moriscoes converted Mohammedans. ATT and SRSN were involved in data collection. The exact incidence and prevalence of EC and ED are not known, but these diseases are occurring or being diagnosed with increasing frequency and are especially prominent in children. However, several studies in western countries showed similar or reduced diabetes prevalence among prisoners [32–34]. Some diseases have a higher prevalence in specific populations. Please see related ... Complementary Therapies in Medicine. The immediate result of this concentration of people in a spot so unwholesome was the prevalence of disease, produced by the appalling sanitary conditions. It is therefore conceivable that such a population put in this environment could develop diabetes. Prevalence of Diabetes and Associated Risk Factors among a Group of Prisoners in the Yaoundé Central Prison, Department of Internal Medicine and Specialties, Faculty of Medicine and Biomedical Sciences, University of Yaoundé I, Yaoundé, Cameroon, Yaoundé General Hospital, Yaoundé, Cameroon, Department of Clinical Sciences, Faculty of Medicine and Pharmaceutical Sciences, University of Douala, Douala, Cameroon, Yaoundé Central Hospital, Yaoundé, Cameroon, Yaoundé Central Prison, Yaoundé, Cameroon,,, Statistical Package for the Social Sciences, G. Danaei, C. M. Lawes, S. Vander Hoorn, C. J. Murray, and M. Ezzati, “Global and regional mortality from ischaemic heart disease and stroke attributable to higher-than-optimum blood glucose concentration: comparative risk assessment,”, K. Eeg-Olofsson, J. Cederholm, P. M. Nilsson et al., “Glycemic control and cardiovascular disease in 7,454 patients with type 1 diabetes: an observational study from the Swedish National Diabetes Register (NDR),”, The Emerging Risk Factors Collaboration, “Diabetes mellitus, fasting blood glucose concentration, and risk of vascular disease: a collaborative meta-analysis of 102 prospective studies,”, A. Nagy, R. Adany, and J. Sandor, “Effect of diagnosis-time and initial treatment on the onset of type 2 diabetes mellitus complications: a population-based representative cross-sectional study in Hungary,”, M. Tancredi, A. Rosengren, A.-M. Svensson et al., “Excess mortality among persons with type 2 diabetes,”, A. K. Wright, E. Kontopantelis, R. Emsley et al., “Life expectancy and cause-specific mortality in type 2 diabetes: a population-based cohort study quantifying relationships in ethnic subgroups,”, F. Bragg, L. Li, M. Smith et al., “Associations of blood glucose and prevalent diabetes with risk of cardiovascular disease in 500 000 adult Chinese: the China Kadoorie Biobank,”, S. S. Zghebi, D. T. Steinke, M. J. Carr, M. K. Rutter, R. A. Emsley, and D. M. Ashcroft, “Examining trends in type 2 diabetes incidence, prevalence and mortality in the UK between 2004 and 2014,”, E. S. Huang, N. Laiteerapong, J. Y. Liu, P. M. John, H. H. Moffet, and A. J. Karter, “Rates of complications and mortality in older patients with diabetes mellitus: the diabetes and aging study,”, Z. Wang and M. Liu, “Life years lost associated with diabetes: an individually matched cohort study using the U.S. National Health Interview Survey data,”, D. L. Heidemann, N. A. Joseph, A. Kuchipudi, D. W. Perkins, and S. Drake, “Racial and economic disparities in diabetes in a large primary care patient population,”, K. C. Ferdinand and S. A. Nasser, “Racial/ethnic disparities in prevalence and care of patients with type 2 diabetes mellitus,”, J. E. Rodríguez and K. M. Campbell, “Racial and ethnic disparities in prevalence and care of patients with type 2 diabetes,”, Y.-Y. There were no significant differences in the, 21. Lifestyle modification (alcohol and smoking cessation, appropriate diet, and increased physical activity) should be in the foreground. The prevalence of bedwetting gradually declines throughout childhood. The prevalence of animals, or of godanimals, in myths of the stealing of water, soma and fire, is very remarkable. Indeed Caesar himself seems to have regarded the prevalence of the military spirit as the chief hindrance to the development of agriculture. Sir Charles Cameron attributes the prevalence of typhoid in certain areas in Dublin to the soil becoming saturated with faecal matter and specifically infected. During the spring and summer months the prevalence of fierce cutting winds, which are shaped by the conformation of the valleys into blasts as through a funnel, following the strike of the valleys either up or down, makes travelling painful and existence in camp most unpleasant. There was no participant under 16 years in the study group. Sign up here as a reviewer to help fast-track new submissions. The breeder should be knowledgeable about the breed's health problems, and be able to give you an idea of his breeding practices to lessen the prevalence of these conditions. Pt. Some continental writers, in dealing with the origin of municipal government throughout western Europe, have, however, ascribed too much importance to the Anglo-Saxon gilds, exaggerating their prevalence and contending that they form the germ of medieval municipal government. It is lower in Africa with 4.2% but probably underestimated because data are lacking [2]. The prevalence of the dark English elms, first introduced into the country and planted here by order of Philip II. Recent studies in Africa showed an increased prevalence of NCD among prisoners [44, 45]. The weight of the iron sheath varies greatly according to the depth of the water, the nature of the sea bottom, the prevalence of currents, and so on. The highest regional prevalence in the United States of about one in 500 pregnancies has occurred in the Southeast. Quantitative data are presented as (CI), and qualitative data are presented as frequencies and percentages. expectancy increases, the prevalence of AMD is expected to rise dramatically. Prevalence and size of directly detected patent foramen ovale in migraine with aura. This is higher than the national prevalence of 5.8% [2, 22]. This event, and the prevalence of plague and cholera at Teheran, marked somewhat gloomily the new monarchs first year. The prevalence of diabetes in Africa is the lowest (4.2%) compared to other continents, but the prevalence and the burden of this disease are rising quickly in Africa [18, 19].

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