quench tank for knives

Water? If you try to swirl the blade around whilst it’s cooling you stand a good chance of causing it to distort. Shop Talk - BladeSmith Questions and Answers, (You must log in or sign up to reply here. However, the potential to straighten blades during the hardening process (as described above)is virtually non-existent (as shown by the red area). By an oddity some of the early polar flip data came from searching for enemy subs off the west coast of the USA. Personally, I quench everything horizontal, but when I built my quench tank, I built it with horizontal quenching in mind. After spending the past year practising knife making, it always surprised me how many people take their quench tanks for granted. Recognised quench mediums are:-. But when the South pole is right up there all the Australians have generations of jokes about "falling off" and "standing on your heads" they have been saving up just waiting for the polar flip. The whole lash up is to prevent punctures and contain a boil over. So now it’s at the correct hardening temperature and next comes the quench. Stainless steels are much more sensitive to incorrect hardening temperature than carbon steels. If the poles flip I just hope the salmon will get confused and come down to Florida. were significant researchers who contributed to the interpretation regarding sea floor spreading and mirror image records of same. If you mass produce blades then cooling of your quench tank may be a necessity. medium? Terry has been telling me about hanging out with you and Jim Clow. Horizontal & Vertical Quench Tank I had this idea a while back while on coffee break and sketched a quench tank that would accommodate both horizontal and vertical quenching. When not in use you might want to plug your thermometer hole as well! The speed at which your quenchant cools your blade is. Just got my 40mm ammo can. in the oceans mapped. I've only done smaller knives. https://www.doesitgobad.com/does-canola-oil-go-bad/. I'd love a slice of ton'O fish sandwich. The next largest can is about 9 1/2 gallon capacity. You must log in or register to reply here. I have cracked a few with fast oil!!! This is very unlikely to succeed for a stainless steel as it will still not cool slowly enough so for these just heat to 630. If you have an account, sign in now to post with your account. Cool tank, nice work. When storing canola oil, make sure it’s safe from three factors: air, heat and light. This can vary from using iced brine (extremely fast) to burying in vermiculite (very slow). Judge David Baker shows host Wil Willis how to properly use the quench in this web exclusive. or not? You are using an out of date browser. But but but....how will you align it north-south to make sure the molecules in your blade align properly to prevent magnetic distortion?!?? Therefore, if we were to try to straighten a warped blade before it gets to, say, 2500C it will still be soft, can be straightened, will stay straight, and will not move again as it hardens. The best thing to re purpose into a quench tank is an old electric roster oven. The scrap yards are full of them for around $0.30 a pound. 11" steel pipe - 1/4" wall - 30+" deep - angle for ergonomic fit going from kiln to quench tank. So far I have never dropped a blade in my other tank, but it would be a good idea especially with the raised basket as you mentioned. Who needs a compass in Alaska anyway, there is only one road anyway so you cannot get lost. I like the idea of that angle and Will use it when I build a smaller version. What are we trying to do next? About quench tanks, I like that one, a dropped piece isn't going to poke a hole in it, it closes tight and looks stable. Thomas, Thomas, Thomas: Folk who ignored cosmic rays and Van Allen resonance were only successful if they quenched on a Ley line intersection. With my limited equipment 10" is the longest blade I can do. This intrinsic good hardenability gives us some options that we simply do not get with carbon steels. and temper it to make a blade that’s usable as a knife. You do not need that much capacity for most knives. Your flip would be a flop, you really should try something new. Smaller size tanks work well for regular knife quenching. While I didn't catch the printing on the side to see what it held, I immediately thought it would make a great quench tank. You must allow the quench process to proceed through the correct stages (some of which may only be a second or two). Yes, I know many of you want to heat in your forge fire till the magnet drops off and I know you’ll get good results because you’ve done it this way for the last 87 years so why change!!! ...Teddy. Seeing Bladesmiths on “Forged in Fire” removing carbon steel blades from the oil and getting a massive flare makes me cringe, yet I do something similar with my stainless blades as part of my process to ensure they’re fully hard, What follows only applies to blades made from proprietary carbon or stainless steels. If you offset the basket from the bottom slightly a dropped blade can't impact the tip and so avoid messing it up... Frosty if you keep giving away our secrets the Secret Order of Secrecy will have to come visit you and tear off a corner of your invisible membership card! One easy source for a large vertical, quench tank is cutting the top off an old 240CF oxygen/co2/helium/etc tank. If you only quench one blade at a time, you can get away with a couple of gallons. You'll go blind trying to match them up, though. :grumpy: I was down at a hunting store the other day and saw their collection of ammo cans for sale. (Ref: Robert Dill who lectured one of our classes and had been a "consultant" to the NRL on the geology of their "zebra stripes" discoveries.) I quench knives and swords in it. Still laying on or near the bottom is about the best chance of going undetected. ), polymer? This quench tank will hold 1 gallon of oil and should give you 4 to 5 quenches before needing to cool. Have I got a project for you (where is the evil grin smiley). If you're dead set on a horizontal tank, I'm confused as to why you figured your dimensions at only being 2 inches wide. grease barrel in a cut down 55gl. I use Canola oil put it right on my stove so I can pre-heat to 130-140. I was bugging Terry for pictures on Friday. The green line shows that I then have several minutes after I’ve pulled my blades from the oil to getting them into my press to flatten them. In a bit of circuitous logic you can use the bar code patterns to track where continents were when. If it flips again soon, folk in Alaska will just tell folk where we are and where they can go. Fact is if Alaska were to be an Eastern State it'd be an Eastern Asian State. It's good eating if you like salmon, not my favorite fish but Silvers are good,  more like trout. Caustic soda? What follows only applies to blades made from proprietary carbon or stainless steels. Upload or insert images from URL. Very well thought out and the construction looks very good. liquid nitrogen?????? #ForgedInFireSubscribe for more from Forged in Fire and other great HISTORY shows:http://histv.co/SubscribeHistoryYTFind out more about the show and watch full episodes on our site:http://po.st/ForgedinFireCheck out exclusive HISTORY content:History Newsletter: http://po.st/HistoryNewsletterWebsite - http://po.st/HistoryWebFacebook - http://po.st/HistoryFacebookTwitter - http://po.st/HistoryTwitterForged in FireSeason 3Episode 4The FalcataIn each stand alone episode, four new contestants battle it out in a quest to prove they can build a particular weapon better than anyone else--and they're doing it by hand. Your quench tank should be deep enough to lower the blade in vertically (my quench tank is a piece of 150mm dia pipe about 800mm deep). The area I’m going to address in this article is the one of quenching a knife blade to get the desired results in the finished blade. However, using fast speed quench oil will give a sufficiently fast quench to give a good working hardness on 1070 & higher plain carbon steels. I also made my first forged hinge to fit on the tank. It may not display this or other websites correctly. The curve on the diagram that appears between 7000C and 6000C is the knee. I achieve this by removing the blade from the oil at about 4000C (oil auto ignites at about 4500C) so as long as they don’t flash but are smoking heavily when I remove them from the oil I’m at about the right temp. freezer? The tank does not have a mesh basket yet, but I was thinking about it. They read it like a bar code from orbit now. As with all quench tanks… Even then our subs were enough quieter we could creep around a lot more. Pretty amazing stuff. If you try to swirl the blade around whilst it’s cooling you stand a good chance of causing it to distort. (sorry my inner geologist sneaks out at times...). Discussion in 'Shop Talk - BladeSmith Questions and Answers' started by Dr.O, Nov 22, 2013. I think they were 120mm cans which are around 32" x 12"x 6", roughly. I'm sure that was a contributing factor.It was kinda the straw that broke the camel's back for me.Heating the oil was a pain,that's when I went to the turkey fryer pan,then to the self contained roaster oven,it's clean and convenient ,just turn it on and let it heat up to your desired temp if your using a oil that needs to be heated. I use this feature to straighten my blades by getting them into a press between 2 flat plates as they cool. You'll be able to tell when the aurora show up directly overhead.... East and west poles flip as well for the Salmon???? slow? – fridge? Is a 7 1/2 gallon can large enough for 5 gallons of Parks #50, or should I go for a larger can? Did it tip over because the base being narrow? If you only quench one blade at a time, you can get away with a couple of gallons. There has been the original concept - still in place - with a fairly major set of mods - and two small tweaks - so this is Version 1.2.02 :les: You must log in or register to reply here. Oil? (Unfortunately he is not accounting for the coriolis forces or the cosmic rays...which HISTORICALLY everyone just ignored and did perfectly fine...). Actually, it's interesting now that Google has bathymetry (sp?) Martensitic stainless steels that we use for blades (12C27, 14C28N, 440B or C, N690, the PM steels etc) will all harden with an air quench or slow to medium oil. Found a place that sells new ones. Gee Thomas, were there mega tuna too? For me personally, I wouldn't go smaller or with less oil. Anvils; Forging Tools; Forges; Forge Parts and Accessories; Quench Oils and Tanks; Gift Card; Grinders and Sanders Plans Parts Complete. Then, as the line cuts the lower black line (Ms) the metal starts to transform from the Austenitic (soft_ phase to the Martensitic (hard phase). Under the guise of oceanographic research, Naval Research Labs had been towing marine magnetometers up and down the offshore California coast. JavaScript is disabled. What is your length limit? I got mine for 8 bucks at a yard sale but I have seen them in thrift stores. Bearings Bushings & Washers; Clips & Fellhoelter Clip Brake; Pivot Heads; Pivot Barrels & Sexbolts; Screws; Stop Pins Detent Balls Misc; Thumb Studs & Bars; Forging . Unless you are heat treating a long sword, or are quenching 100 knives at one time, you do not need to use 5 gallons of quenchant. By I have about 3.5 gallons of Parks 50 in it. Mmmmmm. Visit us at HISTORY.com for more info. Water – with or without additives such as salt, caustic soda or special quench polymers. I have drawn a typical cooling curve representative on an oil quench in blue and an air quench in red. The "drift" pun, or lack of it....like in drifting in open waters. If you try to swirl the blade around whilst it’s cooling you stand a … That the mid Atlantic ridge hunting for German wolf packs. × It’s better to just be able to hold or hang it still while it cools. I do NOT recommend that you agitate the blade in the quench. It is easier to heat/maintain to the desired temperature than a really big container. by Graham Clarke | Feb 7, 2017 | Heat Treatment | 0 comments.

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