reasons to move to asia

And if you move to Australia or the UK, you’ll find even steeper prices for everyday items and other essentials. When people choose why they’ll hire a company like Relosmart Movers Hong Kong and move to a new place; they do it for a host of different reasons. 6 Global Alternative Cities to Silicon Valley to Start Your Company, What China's Stock Market Troubles Mean for U.S. After all, in today’s world people live lifestyles that can vary wildly, meaning that you can’t expect everyone to make rational decisions based on the same specific metrics. As public transport is expensive, many residents walk a lot providing health benefits from incidental exercise. The temples, shrines and gardens in Japan offer a perfect place for serenity and tranquillity. A traditional custom is to throw roasted soybeans around homes and at temples and shrines. Entrepreneurs. Khloe Kiwi: Update One – Introducing Khloe, Read more independent reviews about us on TrustPilot. English speakers and English language teachers are often in demand. But in Asia, all of the transactional fees are much lower; as are basic things like plane tickets and other transportation. You get to experience the greatness of discovering new things every single day. So far, we’ve talked far and wide about the financial practicalities of a move from Europe to Asia. The Shinkansen or bullet train can help you explore the country in your free time with high speed transfers to all of the main destinations in the country. Plus, it doesn’t have to be something you do on a whim, or without thinking things through. Even if you decide on doing something huge, like a move from Europe to Asia; while it may seem scary, it could also be one of the best decisions you’ll make in your life. Exciting atmosphere. Required fields are marked *. The United Nations Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific estimated that, in 2014, 4.3 billion people lived in the Asia-Pacific region, accounting for 60 percent of the global population -- more than half of the people in the world! But on the other hand, it’s worth noting something else – at the end of the day, one of the major reasons why you’re relocating in the first place is to have fun. Getting in on the ground floor of rising economies means seizing new opportunities and more possibilities than are available in developed economies that are growing at a much slower rate. And this is perfectly natural; we all hate feeling stuck in a rut. The Japanese way of life includes a lot of physical activity. The country’s government encourage a healthy lifestyle, with national holidays created especially for it such as Health and Sports Day (second Monday in October) and Mountain Day (11th August). Markets in Asia are still developing, and that’s exciting. That’s why moving to a new country is such a great thing. Discover a better way to hire freelancers. For tourists in Thailand, it can be difficult to have any significant or meaningful … Startup growth in Asia is increasing at an incredible rate, and that’s inspiring. Thai. Recent data from the World Bank shows that GDP growth in South Asia rose to 6.9 percent in 2014 and is expected to continue to grow toward 7.5 percent in 2015. International House 35 Wilson Road Huyton Business Park. Some popular festivals in Japan include Setsubunwhich takes place in February. You can now sign up for just $99, plus receive a 7-day free trial. That’s why moving to a new country is such a great thing. Advancing technology, government support and tax breaks create a favorable environment to nurture businesses. Cultural activities are a great way to learn about your new destination and to immerse in your new community making it a definite entry into our five reasons to move to Japan list. You don’t know all the best restaurants, you don’t know all the best streets; basically, it’s like living a completely new life. 12 Reasons I’m Moving to Taiwan. Entrepreneurs, National Association of Software and Service Companies, Why China Is Building Airports Like Crazy, Entrepreneur Voices on the Science of Success, 5 Reasons Early-Stage Startups Should Relocate to Asia, Top 4 Crowdfunding Developments and Predictions for Asia in 2015, What I Learned From Getting Ripped Off by a Bangkok Tailor. Major cities in Asia have advanced infrastructure that makes setting up businesses easier. Asia is a gigantic market. Work hard, play hard culture. 10 Reasons You Should Move to Asia to Start Your Lifestyle Business 1) Cheap Food and Drink Jumpstart Your Business. Should businesses look to Asia for new opportunities? And no matter how comfy or content you are with your life wherever you’re living; once you get used to it, there’s really no sense of amazement after a while. This event is held annually to celebrate the arrival of spring. Markets in Asia are still developing, and that’s exciting. What do you think? In Japan, for example, relaxed requirements now allow foreigners to start businesses in the country without a permanent residence, the Japan Times reported. The country in general has much lower obesity and disease rates than many Western countries. The practice of hara hachi bu (eating to your are 80% full) also encourages healthier habits. And while moving there, you’ll find that within the local economies, there are services for all types of moves; the relocation itself won’t be too difficult. Let’s face it – no matter what kind of job you have, living in the United States isn’t cheap. 7 min read. But while a night out can easily cost you 50 bucks in the United States – you can have absolutely fine beer in countries like Vietnam for less than a dollar. Your email address will not be published. In fact, a report from Forrester predicts that online spending in China will reach $1 trillion by 2019. Not only does the vast population represent a large market of potential customers, but also it is a market of upcoming and untapped talent. As you’ll soon see for yourself, the affordability that comes from a move from Europe to Asia isn’t just about the everyday stuff you buy. New experiences. And let’s not forget – meeting a bunch of interesting people. The land of the rising sun has a lot to offer new residents and there is plenty to explore. What to consider before moving to the countryside? there are services for all types of moves. After all, as we’ve said in the beginning – while this is definitely a good decision, it’s also a monumental one. Unlike established markets in the U.S. and western Europe, an emerging economy leaves more room for innovation and unique opportunities. Cultural activities are a great way to learn about your new destination and to immerse in your new community making it a definite entry into our five reasons to move to Japan list.

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