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There are hundreds of watch specific terms that confuse even the most seasoned of veterans. Fold over: oyster links that has been manufactured by folding the metal to make the link rather than casting. A replacement or non-authentic insert doesn’t always mean that the watch is fake or inauthentic. GMT hand – On a genuine Rolex, the green GMT hand is sandwiched between the hour and the minute hand. Press #2. mr.wess74. Tritium: radioactive luminous material – used from 50’s until mid 90’s – TswissT and Swiss<25 dials. 1520 Rolex Submariner Ref 5513, “The guys who are making these fakes are clearly catching on that there is a desirability for fake vintage watches, and they are getting better and better at figuring out how to dupe a potential buyer who may not have the knowledge or tools to make an informed purchase.”. Fonts BLOG Submit Logo-Font. What always works, is to keep in mind: “If it’s too good to be true, it probably isn’t.”. 5513, 6. It is very dense and tough. Rolex is the ONLY watch company to use this special steel. Other useful guides include our. 1900 QUAIL ST Winding Crown – Check the winding crown on the side of the watch at the ‘3’. Get InsideHook in your inbox. 5513 Submariner.”, Correct Movement Cal. When it comes to the printing and the fonts, Rolex makes its watches to perfection, and if you can see inconsistencies, blurs, unevenness, the spacing in the font, ink bleeding, it’s probably a replica. The world of luxury watches can be confusing. Advantage is that it can be polished. To learn more about Rolex, the Company, its history and founding, please visit our dedicated Rolex page. Bob's Watches is an independent watch dealer and is not sponsored by, associated with and/or affiliated with Rolex, or any other brand listed. Fonts Are Difficult to Imitate“From the beginning, Rolex was a stickler when it came to quality control and consistency, even though many of the manufacturing processes in the ’50s, ’60s, ’70s and ’80s were done by hand. Ring command: patented name given to the sky-dweller and yachtmaster II bezels. Receive more articles like this, straight to your inbox. considered an upgraded type of dial, Root beer: Slang term for brown and yellow bezel inserts for GMT and GMT II models, Sapphire crystal: modern material for all Rolex watch crystals, it is a synthetically grown crystal, cut at a 45 degree angle to make it 8 times stronger than competitors mineral glass crystals. Know Your Movement“The movement is last thing that is commonly seen with this type of fake vintage Rolex. This is the movement model and it should correspond with a specific watch model. Rolex Datejust Rolex Submariner Rolex Daytona Watch, Rolex wrist watches women table table pink transparent background PNG clipart size: 800x800px filesize: 423.38KB Earring Jewellery Gold Bitxi Emerald, Jewellery transparent background PNG clipart size: 2048x2048px filesize: 1.24MB True patina or fading is something that is hard to fake — it takes time.”, Fake 1968 Ref 5513. Done in a gold or very off white color, Glossy: dial coating leaving the dial with a high reflective shine, Hack: the movement completely stops when the crown is pulled out, Head: everything excluding the bracelet or strap. Unlike most watches, Rolex watches do not make the ticking noise, if you hear loud ticking from the watch it is probably a fake Rolex. Create your logo design based on best fonts, by using our easy to use logo and font tool, logo, font, logo font, font logo. N.O.S. Every watch is checked at CentralWatch in Manhattan, just a few blocks away from our NY headquarters. If a seller refuses to provide several clear shots – walk! All watches are meticulously inspected and authenticated by experts. Mother of pearl: natural material from the shell of Tahitian abalone. Rolex stopped doing meters-first dials around 1969-1970. One at each hour marker, 24 diamonds: smooth bezel with 12 big diamonds and 12 smaller off set diamonds, Cartouche: discontinued bezel – only 18k – “Rolex” printed at the 6 position, Domed: comes in both stainless steel and gold, this current style is high polished and is very similar to older polished models, Engine turned: currently only available in all ss – radiating lines out, Fluted: always 18k gold – bezel with sharp hills and valleys, Rotating: bezel able to turn to facilitate some sort of timing feature – found on GMT, Submariner, turn-o-graph, yachtmaster, Polished: comes in both stainless steel and gold, this older style bezel is highly polished with no design on it and is no longer in production, Pyramid: 2 small pyramids then 2 diamonds repeated all around the bezel, Tachymeter: scale used to indicate “units per hour” on Daytona models, Turn-o-graph: rotatable, timing bezel on “thunderbird” model DateJust. If it’s been refinished, you can see it much easier.” Here, Barr is primarily concerned with the lume, a luminescent solution that was brushed on vintage watch dials to make them glow in the dark. Some exclusions apply. Appears to be a silver (white gold) ring around the hour marker, Bordeaux: colored dial that starts red in the center and changes to black as it moves closer to the edge. Proven to be trusted by thousands, with 5-star customer service rating. In Rolex terms it usually refers to an entire dial but can also describe an entire watch I.E. Generally limited to professional models. Purchase price shown is the cash wire price, and any payment method fees such as credit card fees, PayPal fees, Amazon fees, etc, will be added to the transaction total. Bob's Watches only sells pre-owned watches and provides its own warranties on the watches it sells. The bezel itself interacts with the watch movement programming or “commanding” its function. Submariner (Font & Lume Details). Super-Luminova: non radioactive luminous material for hands and hour markers – on all dials after 1998 – technically same as Luminova. Concentric circles: starting from the center and radiating out to the edge, 3 dimensional circles grow from small to large. When buying and selling a Rolex it is imperative to know what you’ve got. We will examine the quality of the stamping and the correct numbering. Additionally, The Cyclops’ date window in a real version is dead centered above the number, it’s not always like that in a replica. Quote. The similarities in materials uses and quality Swiss craftsmanship go hand in hand to produce the ultimate Rolex replica watch. Case back (inner) fonts and markings. Men’s Cellini, Maxi dial: modern term that has come to mean a dial that has oversized hour dots, primarily used to describe submariners and GMT models, Mk 1, Mk 2, etc. After 2005, Rolex started to engrave the serial number on the inside bezel under the crystal at 6 o’clock. Industries. When Cameron was presented with it, he had to bear the bad news. In addition, the spacing on these numbers is often too close together and not even as on a genuine Rolex. “I’m all for the enthusiast, and I’m happy help.”, All images via Cameron Barr/Craft & Tailored. Thank you all! With an abundance of fraud, on online markets especially, buyer and seller confidence is important in striking a win-win deal. Jan 16, 2015 at 01:32 . What font does Rolex use? And if you need a second opinion, don’t hesitate to hit him up. We’ll say it again: messiness and Rolex are mortal enemies. There are many cases in which a fake movement was inserted into a genuine Rolex case making a frankenwatch. Easy Link: The link extension system used on some of the new solid link Oyster bracelets. Rolex etches the model (case) number between the lugs at 12 o’clock and the serial number between the lugs at 6 o’clock. The … Accurate down to a nanometer. Free alternative fonts for Rolex logo: The closest free font you can get is RoundslabSerif Font. If present it indicates that the hour markers are made of white gold. The closest font you can get for the Rolex logo is Clarendon font. To the naked eye it should seem very smooth, while a fake’s tick jumps more clearly. The winding crown on a fake Rolex will typically have a basic looking crown to move the minute and hour hands while a true Rolex will have engravings and grooves that are a finely-crafted and can be felt by the touch. It is worth mentioning that counterfeiters frequently use the SAME numbers on their watches. The closest font you can get for the Rolex logo is Clarendon font. Furthermore, the engraving between the lugs of a genuine Rolex feature very fine lines. We're committed to offering the best prices through our low-price guarantee. Scholarship, ©2011-2020 Worthy, Inc. All rights reserved. Genuine Rolex watches, especially modern ones, have a “solid” feel. Model and Serial Number – Rolex watches have a sealed back case. A real Rolex watch carries the markings that correspond correctly to the brand. Sometimes the quarters were painted in different colors or just 2 were painted. Glide Lock: The link extension system on the new Submariners and Deepsea. The structure of the movement. NEWPORT BEACH, CA 92660 We stand behind this authenticity guarantee with a full money back refund on any watch not found to be completely genuine. This sticker features the trademarked Rolex crown positioned above the watch’s case reference number. download free fonts for Rolex logo. With that said, you should note that Rolex made two watches with an engraved case back: the Sea Dweller which has “Rolex Oyster Original Gas Escape Valve” in an arc around the outside of the case back and the Milgauss model which has a similar design. Rolex is the ONLY watch company to use this special steel. When it comes to Rolex, here is what the experts look for: Reference number versus the dial. Acrylic crystal: previous generation material used on Rolex crystals comprised of acrylic, a plastic like material. The fact that Rolex watches are flawless in design and Rolex does very thorough quality inspections on everything that leaves their facility, you would never find a real Rolex with lettering that is bubbled or crooked, or lettering that is unevenly spaced. large center link bracelet – found on most Rolex watches from their sports model category. Lettering on the Dial – On a genuine Rolex, the printed lettering on the dial should be precise with very clean edges (easily seen under high magnification). 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