social security meaning and concept

For providing pension, education and health facilities, insurance, medical, housing, drinking water, welfare, etc., falls under the scope of social security. (v) They are insured against the risk on compulsory basis, and it is obligatory for them to contribute under the scheme. Learn about:- 1. In case of Death – 50 percent of the monthly wage multiplied by the relevant factor (age) or an amount, ii. The Government of India has been taking initiatives for social security schemes but due to low income and huge population the success achieved is not satisfactory. Plagiarism Prevention 5. The security measures are generally specified by law. Section 49 provides that the occupier of the factories employing 500 or more workers should appoint such number of welfare officers as may be prescribed under the Act. Social security means the protection given by the society to its members. Prohibited Content 3. Recently some new concept of social security namely, social safety nets, social protection, and social funds have emerged. Social pro­tection provides guarantees of basic social support for citizens based on their needs rather than on their rights. In long run society and nation both are sufferers. Due to this the issue of social security has become very important worldwide. Pension upon superannuation or disability; ii. (vii) Social security acts as a motivational mechanism. Its focus was on unemployment, poverty, and old age insurance for employees’ security measures. These measures are also important for every industrialisation programme, for not only to enable workers to become more efficient but they also reduce the wastage arising from industrial disputes. There was no such system to take care of sufferings of the people due to industry and personal life. Social security is the security given to the members of the society against some odds so that they can combat and survive. It creates worries for individuals, families, societies and the nation. These appeared under ruling of Bismarck in the late nineteenth century. During the tenure of President George Bush, Congress started debate on the future of social security. After the First World War the International Labour organisation (ILO) was established under the treaty of Versailles. Evolution of the concept of social security has been studied under different heading and these are: Ancient Time: ... Over a long period of nearly a century, many experts, organisations, and dictionaries have given the definitions and meanings of concept of social security. Furthermore, the social security system in India includes not just an insurance payment of premiums into government funds … The social security measures also contribute to industrial development through making workers efficient and reducing waste arising from industrial disputes, because with these measures a worker feels social and economic security and, therefore, puts his heart and soul in increasing production. To manage social security schemes in such countries is an uphill task. Discuss the nature and objectives of social security. The remaining factories and/establishments are looked after by the State Governments. On receipt of the notice, the company shall authorize the employee to absent herself from the company until the end of six week period following the day of her delivery. For comparative study the factors such as – age, sex, education, health, income, employment, social and employment risks, size of family, family and social systems, etc. The scope of social security is, therefore, very wide. Social Security: What is Social Security? During economic depression Franklin Roosevelt became President of USA and served from 1933-1945 for more than twelve years. The concept emerged in the U.S. when it passed the Social Security Act in the year 1935. For the companies, some of these securities are mandatory to adopt: The Employees’ Provident Fund Organization, under the Ministry of Labor and Employment, ensures superannuation pension and family pension in case of death during service. Contemporary charity is regarded as a continuation of the past practices. It is must to ensure a minimum level of living for those who are helpless on various counts. Section 3 authorizes the appropriate government to appoint any officer as a controlling Authority for the administration of the Act. Cole. If they do not have any source of income and ignored by the children then their lives become a curse. The beginning of modern social security system was seen in Germany first of all. OD techniques can be introduced to improve quality of goods and services so that organization can face the challenges. (e) Contributes in improving the standard of living of the ignored people from the society. Four main types of monthly pensions are offered: i. The underlying philosophy of social security is that the State shall make itself responsible for ensuring a minimum standard of material welfare to all its citizens on a basis wide enough to cover all the main contingencies of life. In developed countries the people get education, medical, pension, provident fund facility, accident benefits, maternity benefits, survivor benefits, death benefits, support in case of natural calamities, retirement benefits, unemployment allowances, disablement benefits, etc. It is further going to play more important role in rapidly changing global business environment. These people were lost respect in the family and society also. It is felt pertinent to define the term ‘social security’ before ‘the need for social security’ is discussed. But all days are not equal. There is no statutory compliance on the part of management of the organisations for providing such facilities. They use to take care by providing drinking water, inns, foods, and protection against threats at very low level. Under this situation he accepted the concept of social security. Money spent on social security is a sound investment which yields rich dividend in future. When a person is young, healthy and having good financial conditions, he needs very less support from others for better leaving. It provides help to die needy persons at the most required time when they do not have option. Several laws have been enacted since independence to provide for social security to the workers. These need a huge fund for their management. These efforts ensured in the past secured life to the sufferers. (v) Social security measures provide for cash payment to affected persons to partly compensate them for the loss of income due to any of the contingencies. For every completed year of service or part thereof in excess of six months, the employer pays gratuity to an employee at the rate of 15 days wages based on the rate of wages last drawn by the concerned employee. The idea behind the concept of social security is that the state shall be responsible for protecting its citizens against certain contingencies of life. The government did not take solid steps for pension scheme to rest of the workforce in USA. The amount of the gratuity payable to an employee is not to exceed Rs. This concept gained acceptance across the globe in various forms at various points of time. Account Disable 12. In general sense, social security refers to protection provided by the society to its members against providential mishaps over which a person has no control. The need for social security is also felt from the following: (i) It enhances the level of morale of the employees. In addition, workers employed in certain types of occupations are exposed to the risk of contracting certain diseases, which are peculiar and inherent to those occupations. Due to depression the crore of workers became unemployed up to 1932. It inspires employees to give much more attention on their production and services than on other areas of activities like planning for future employment, tackling of contingent situations, sorting out medical issues etc. Whatever may be reason for this but he had soft corner for industrial workers and their families. India is a very large country and its economic development was very poor and it was ruled by British government The British government took no initiative for development of its economy. (d) Support them when they are sick and disabled. With the rapid development of science, technology and industry in the nineteenth century, social security matters and policy were taken up by the governments gradually. Widows’ pension for death while in service; In addition, there are separate pension funds for civil servants, workers employed in coal mines and tea plantations in the State of Assam, and for seamen. In search of jobs, the children are moving from city-to-city and country-to-country. They were the most sufferer group in the society. All social security schemes furnished by the government are broadly classified into two types: According to the Social Security (Minimum Standards) Convention (No. Under such situations all concerned were worried includes governments, social workers, industrialists, volutes, and trusts to improve their conditions by providing required facilities or benefits. In Jewish religion there was a tradition and considered the charity is a matter of religious obligation rather than benevolence. This can be termed as social guarantee or security in legal terms. But, the worker does not have resources required to face the risks caused by sickness, accidents, unemployment and old age. The contingencies which may impair a person’s ability to support himself and his family may include sickness, old age, invalidity, unemployment, death, etc. The next contribution in evolution of concept of social security is from United States of America. Section 48 provides that every factory, wherein more than thirty women are ordinarily employed should provide and maintain a suitable room for the use of children under the age of six years of such women workers. The Social Security schemes in India cover the organised work force, which may be defined as workers who are having a direct regular employer-employee relationship within an organisation. (b) Pay proper attention when they are not useful for the organisations. These measures imply to avoid the loss of productive capacity due to sickness, unemployment or invalidity to earn income. . Statutory Amenities Provided in the Factories: Statutory amenities have to be provided in the factories as a compliance of welfare measures. Company retrenches employees when their services are not required. (ii) The Maternity Benefit Act, 1961. (iv) The Payment of Gratuity Act, 1972 (it provides for terminal benefit paid in lump-sum comple­mentary to the periodical pension payment. (l) People prefer to join the jobs where social security measures are provided and well implemented. There were no such laws to have provisions regarding social security. A government run plan of social insurance helped to ensure that no single family would completely suffer due to loss of incoming wages. The concept of social security is essentially related to the high ideals of human dignity and social justice. It has the different objectives other than economic development. Social security is a very wide concept to define and it is difficult also. Privacy Policy 9. In other words, social assistance includes “non-contributory benefits towards the maintenance of children, mothers, invalids, the aged, the disabled and others like the unemployed.” Benefits are provided to persons of small means in sufficient quantity so that their minimum standards of needs could be satisfied. (b) It is for the needy persons as retired, unemployed, old, and disabled. Our accumulated experience reveals that in an industrial economy, the workers have been subjected to periodic unemployment due to cyclical fluctuations in business, sickness, industrial accidents and old age. 8. 3,50,000. Still to reach to the satisfactory level of development it would take a long time in very less developed countries. Social security is the security that society furnishes, through appropriate organisation, against certain risk to which its members are exposed.

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