steam pipe size calculation formula

cubic feet water x 144. As per your literature I have workout the Required no of holes for the Perforated pipe in reactor for addition of KOH in Reactor by gravity flow . 1. Suction lift exists when the suction measured at the pump nozzle and corrected to the centerline of the pump is below atmospheric pressure. A table, giving the relation between velocity and velocity head is printed below: NPSH stands for “Net Positive Suction Head”. We use cookies to give you the best experience on our website. D = Outside Diameter, inches d = Inside Diameter, inches. I am trying to get a excel spreadsheet out of the guidelines you have provided. Knowing the velocity, we can readily figure the velocity head from the simple formula: in which “g” is acceleration due to gravity, or 32.16 feet per second; or knowing the head, we can transpose the formula to: The velocity head is a factor in figuring the total dynamic head, but the value is usually small, and in most cases negligible; however, it should be considered when the total head is low and also when the suction lift is high. Pressure drop in steam/water pipelines and valves Sizing Steam Pipes - Imperial units ; Download Sizing Steam Pipes Chart in pdf-format; Steam velocities of 25 m/s are in general sufficient for most saturated steam applications. Also please let us know the unit of Pressure drop calculated in step # 5. We use cookies to give you the best experience on our website. t = Nominal (specified) Wall Thickness, inches, D = Nominal (specified) Outside Diameter, inches. I am stuck in step 5, where the pressure drop comes out to be negetive by the formula 4000*f*L*J/(alpha*d)-1  this term comes out to be negetive. {1a} Round Tube: A = p/4 (D5 – d5) Where: D = Outside Diameter, inches d = Inside Diameter, inches. It would be greatly appriciated if we can have an excel file. I am figuring out why the perforated tube, that creates a pressure drop in a natural gas pipe line before the burner, has a different pressure drop at different sites when the design is almost identical. in inches, The theoretical horse-power necessary to do the work, 935 Pendell Blvd. Inasmuch as the velocity varies considerably at different points in the cross section of a stream it is important, in using the Pitometer, to take a number of readings at different points in the cross section. A process requires 5 000 kg/h of dry saturated steam at 7 bar g. Loss of saturated steam due to faulty steamtrap/valve or hole in pipe, back pressure 1 bar(a) Even by using 1 metre pipeline and 2" distributor. This is because a presuure drop less than 1.75 kPa will create "flow maldistribution" in the pipe distributor which is not desirable. It is defined as the suction gage reading in feet absolute taken on the suction nozzle corrected to pump centerline, minus the vapor pressure in feet absolute corresponding to the temperature of the liquid, plus velocity head at this point. As long as you have sufficient head or pressure either by gravity or by pump I see no reason for this procedure not being applicable. Blowdown quantity and potential savings for steam boiler, Water density and specific volume 1-370°C Suffice to say that it is from the design manual of a very well known company. Sponsored Links . Here , i can not restrict myself to ask more in terms of Excel spread sheet. Calculation of steam consumption in a pipe during the start-up operation and normal continuous operation is possible, and will be discussed in detail below. Example: Calculate the burst resistance of 7″ O.D. Cooling-water injection flowrate for desuperheater I've looked at  your other work and you are usually meticulous about references and credits so that got my attention on this one. 1. Example: Power costs .01 per k.w.-hour; pump efficiency is 75%; motor efficiency is 85%; total head is 50 feet. Static suction head is the vertical distance from the free level of the source of supply to centerline of pump. Viscosity is ascertained by an instrument termed a Viscosimeter, of which there are several makes, viz. b.h.p. Barlow’s Formula is commonly used to determine: To calculate the volume being displaced through a pipe or the amount of volume of an irrigation well, the following formula is applicable: .0119 x bbls. However i can not find any information on choked flow through a perforated pipe. Kv-Values for Steam, Liquids and Gases Whenever it is possible I provide the reference for the material I publish in my blog. pull x pulley radius in feet. 2. Where the suction and discharge pipes are the same size, it is only necessary to include in the total head the velocity head generated in the suction piping. Thermal expansion of steam pipes heated from room temperature to operation temperature (mm pr. One barrel per hour: .7 US gallons per minute, Gallons per minute: bbls. I would very much appreciate it if you had any information that could be of use to me. D = Diameter of the pipe (mm) Q= Flow rate of steam (kg/hr) V= Velocity of Steam (m/s) Ρ = Density of Steam (kg/m3) Using the formula, The pipe size = 100 mm. It can be defined as the push or pull in pounds, along an imaginary circle of one foot radius which surrounds the shaft, or, in an electric motor, as the pull or drag at the surface of the armature multiplied by the radius of the armature, the term being usually expressed in foot-pounds (or pounds at 1 foot radius). Theoretical water US GPM x head in pounds, Brake horse-power: Theoretical water horse-power, Velocity in feet .408 x US Gal Per Min = .32 x GPM, per second: Pipe diameter in inches2 pipe area, 1,000,000 US gallons per day: 695 US gallons per minute, 500 pounds per hour: 1 US gallon per minute, Doubling the diameter of a pipe or cylinder increases its capacity four times.

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