terah family tree

), Jacob [27] Isaac (=Rebecca) [26] Abraham (=Sarah, the Tehama) [25] Terah (=Tohwait) [24] Nahor (=Iyoska) [23] Serug (=Melka) [22] Reu (=Ora of Ur-Nammu) [21] Peleg (=Lamna) [20] Eber (=Azura) [19] Shelah [18] Arphaxad [17] Shem (=Seduka-tel-bab) [16] Noah (=Na’amath) [15] Lamech (=Bilanos) [14] Methuselah (=Edna (Ezrael)) [13] Enoch (=Edna) [12] Jared (=Baraka) [11] Mahlalail (=Sina) [10] Cainan (=Mualet) [9] Enosh (=Neom) [8] Seth (=Kalimath of Enki/Lilith) [7] Eve and Adam, [6] Enki and Nin-khursag [5] Anu and Antu [4] Anshar and Kishar [3] Lahmu and Lahamu [2] Tiamat and Absu [1], 1) Leah, from whose line the kings descended Judah had thus selected her to be the wife of his firstborn Er, but when Er died unexpectedly, Tamar was passed to Er’s younger brother, Onan, who was also prematurely slain. After Isaac sends Jacob away to find a wife, Esau realizes that his own Canaanite wives are evil in his father's eyes, and he takes a daughter of Ishmael, Bashemath, to wife. This stuff is right out of the Bible! Or course, already being predisposed toward a single god, Moses may have simply applied the local god, Jehovah, to be the burning bush voice... or the burning bush was simply a Moses device for gaining popular support for his strange and perplexing mission... and the fact that this guy talks to trees... and hears their replies.]. As a mini Executive Summary, we might note that: Jacob begins by fooling his blind father in order to obtain his blessing (Genesis 27:1-29), runs away from a legitimately angered Esau (27:43-45), gets his comeuppance from his uncle (29:21-28), and then returns the favor by some highly selective breeding of sheep (30:31-31:1). Before they leave, Rachel steals all the household idols from Laban's house. When, in the Joseph narrative, the brothers return with Benjamin to Joseph, Joseph tests whether the brothers have reformed by tricking them into a situation where he can demand the enslavement of Benjamin. One of his grandchildren was Lot, whose father, Haran, had died at Ur. As Jacob and his entourage near the border of Canaan, Rachel goes into labor and dies as she gives birth to her second—and Jacob's twelfth—son, Benjamin. Joseph is thrown into prison, where he again finds favor with all and is promoted by the warden to oversee his fellow prisoners. There, a mysterious being ("a man", or "the angel") appears and wrestles with Jacob until daybreak. During, this period... at least from a Biblical perspecive, the trail of this particular royal blood line becomes a bit cold. ], of whom it was said, 'In Isaac your seed shall be called,' concluding that God was able to raise him up, even from the dead, from which he also received him in a figurative sense" The imagery of a father sacrificing his son is seen as a type of god the Father offering his Son on Golgatha. Keep in mind that Esau's daughter, Igrath, married Amenemhet III, such that the entire Joseph to Egypt story sounds a bit contrived. With this in mind, could it be, perhaps, that Isaac was not the son of Abraham after all, but the son of Sarai and the Pharaoh?” In Genesis (12:19), the “Hebrew writers were emphatic about the fact that Sarai and the Pharaoh were actually married for a time.” And... “if Isaac was the son of Pharaoh Senusret, then the seemingly enigmatic details of the covenant would fall very neatly into place.”. So Abram departed Haran with his wife Sarai and his nephew Lot and all their followers and flocks, and they traveled to Canaan, where, at Shechem, the Lord gave the land to him and his seed. [16], In the Christian tradition Abram left Haran after Terah died. This is when Ahmose I rolled into town, fired all the previous writers and scribes, and began recording a bit more definitive information than most of his predecessors. [1], Most of what is told about Terah is recorded in Genesis 11:26–28. He engages in earnest prayer to God, then sends on before him a tribute of flocks and herds to Esau, "a present to my lord Esau from thy servant Jacob." The second son comes out grasping Esau's heel and is named Jacob (a play on the word "heel", and also "he who follows"). The two children that are fighting in her womb will continue to fight all their lives.

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