wall mounted pull up bar canada

Subscribe to our newsletter. The second method we’re going to talk about is the wall-mounted pull-up bar. One ¾-inch metal pipe, about 40 inches long (depending on the width of your doorway), Four ¼-inch wood lag screws, at least 3 ½ inches long, One ¾-inch thick, 48-inch long galvanized pipe, Two ¾-inch thick, 10-inch long galvanized pipes, Two ¾-inch thick, 90-degree elbow pipe fittings, Eight ¼-inch wood lag screws, at least 3 ½-inches long, Eight more ¼-inch wood lag screws, 3 ½-inches long, Two two-by-four wooden boards, about 20-inches long. Test the strength of your pull-up bar before using it to work out. This pull-up bar is designed for doors between 70 and 92 cm in width, but read the product description carefully to make sure it will fit your preferred doorway before ordering. Attach both two-by-fours to your ceiling using the wood screws in your pre-marked holes. View. Ideally, you will find four parallel studs and bolt one two-by-four to the two on the left and the other to the two on the right. You want to make sure all the holes are drilled in the exact right places, not a fraction of an inch off. We may receive affiliate commissions from purchases made through links, but we are objective and picky. View. If you can’t find one, you will need these additional tools and materials: Before we get into the weeds of mounting your pull-up bar, you have to find a place to mount it. Using this setup will also help you avoid ripping up your ceiling. There are no screws or assembly necessary for installation and it’s built with solid steel construction for maximum strength and stability. Use the drill and ¼-inch drill bit to drill the four holes for the lag screws on one side only. This power tower has a pull-up bar as well as multiple other stations for getting a full-body strength workout easily. If you follow the steps, you’ll see that it’s not that difficult to make your own workout equipment. We try to keep things simple, but you should be familiar with basic tools like a drill and a tape measure. You can also sometimes find exposed beams in the walls of your garage, porch, or deck. Draw lines on your wall to mark the exact center of each stud. Fringe Sport’s Pull Up Bar System can be mounted to either wall or ceiling, and is built to last. Mark on your frame where the holes should be drilled. It doesn’t require a stud finder or extra two-by-four reinforcement. Hey there, I'm Tim, co-founder of GymPerson.com.I am a former fitness physique competitor with over 20 years of intense experience in strength training, weight lifting and body transformation. Place it against the wall to make sure everything is going according to plan. Customer service. Fringe Sport Pull Up Bar System. View. If you’re struggling to stay in shape right now, the best pull up bars will help you meet your daily fitness goals. Remember to use safety goggles to avoid getting sawdust in your eyes. They focus on your back muscles but can also help sculpt bigger shoulders and arms. Mindreader’s design comes equipped with three different grip positions — narrow, wide and neutral, and the foam grips are very comfortable. View. Flat disc floor flanges are a bit wider than most ceiling joists.

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