water supply system in apartment

One or more meter routes are loaded on the stick and you simply walk by or drive by the meters to read them. A route is loaded into the Android app, and meter locations are overlaid on a Google map. The common result in the use of these two styles of work is a snapping and jarring of the pipes whenever the faucets are closed. pipes different larger sizes of pipes will supply: Referring to this table, it will be seen that a size between 2 in. Meters 30 and 32 may be similarly constructed. FIG. will be required to supply this system. 1 includes a central water heater (or boiler)18 that receives a supply of cold water from main meter 12, via a cold water line 20. The location of a suspect water leak can be ascertained in one or two ways. By viewing an indicator needle or reading on a properly calibrated water meter, it is possible to detect the leakage flow, e.g. would no doubt do the work satisfactorily. FIG. The dwelling units depicted in FIG. Unless an individual apartment tenant reports a leakage condition, the leak can remain undetected for a considerable length of time. The Reader can hold up to 4000 meters and includes free software licensing for up to 800 meters. 34 and 35, the construction of circulation work is of very great advantage, as it is in almost any system of plumbing. 3 is a top plan view of a housing for a pair of water meters of the type shown in FIG. The drawings show a water supply system wherein the individual water meters 30 and 32 have visual readouts. Both reading systems work with all Kamstrup RF meters, and upgrade from the USB to the Cloud based system is simple and seamless. On a great deal of high-grade work, faucets for the various fixtures are specified to be of the Fuller pattern, and on public work often of some self-closing pattern. More commonly used in new systems are pressurized tanks and supply … Daily water consumption that abruptly increases from a normal steady state value is an indication of a potential leaking water condition. In the event of bursts or other emergencies, the keyboard shows at once the valves that control the piping that is to be shut off, and often saves damage to the property that would result if the proper valve could not be found quickly. The result is that in the first case a long line of pipe filled with cold water must often have to be drawn off before the water will run hot, while in the use of the circulating pipe, the water will run hot almost at once. Each conduit includes a water meter that enables the owner of the apartment complex to accurately determine the hot water usage and cold water usage of each apartment tenant. 1 is a schematic diagram of a water supply system constructed according o the invention. said ancillary water meters for each dwelling unit, one for hot water and one for cold water, have means for measuring flow characteristics and providing electronic readouts of said characteristics suitable for computer processing. if the low rate-of-flow indication on the meter readout is always moving (i.e. As a practical matter, the building owner or building superintendent cannot go freely or at will into every apartment, on a daily or weekly basis, to inspect the faucets, shower heads, toilets, etc., for slow leakage. Such a waste should not be connected directly into the drainage system. In addition to the “individual tenant water usage” problem, there is also a problem relating to water leakage. In old buildings it is common with gravity storage tanks on the top floor of the building. 1, the water flow directions are denoted by arrows. The following types of properties will benefit from submetering. If that pointer or wheel moves continuously (or intermittently on a continuing basis) that is an indication of a leakage condition. In circulation work, the supply is run from the main also, but it is returned by a circulating or return pipe, into the boiler. 2 is a plan view taken of a water meter assembly that can be employed in the FIG. Each apartment tenant can be accurately billed for the individual water consumption, without any estimating or guessing on the part of the building owner. In the first case, the DHW system … A gear system is driven by the impeller shaft to produce a visual readout. This is somewhat unfair to those apartment residents that tend to economize on hot water usage. Consult with us on the best way to start your submetering project. 1. The meter system can also be used to locate leakage points in the water supply system, e.g. A water supply system for multiple dwelling units comprising. We also provide Kamstrup Ultrasonic Water Meters with encoded output for third party AMR and AMI systems. 2, numeral 50 denotes a hot water meter and cold water meter grouping or assembly for one dwelling unit. All return or circulation pipes are connected to the return header, and the latter connected to the boiler return. Plumbing For Apartment Building-Systems Of Hot-Water Supply-Range Boilers, Etc. and 2 1/2 in. For instance, in large toilet rooms of hotels, railroad stations, etc., the demand at times is large and at other times small. For apartment buildings such as shown in Figs. However, the invention can be practiced in various forms and arrangements. The water supply system shown in FIG. Each conduit includes a water meter that enables the owner of the apartment complex to accurately determine the hot water usage and cold water usage of each apartment tenant. Alternately the meters can be placed in the basement or on the roof (not shown) in a single location where applicable, so that the readings for the hot water consumption for all apartments (dwelling unit) can be taken together conveniently. This application has the same inventor and subject matter as the said provisional application. This avoids much annoyance, for if otherwise, the making of repairs in one flat might result in the shutting off of the supply in others. The foregoing, as already stated, is not meant as comprehensive in any way, but is given simply in a suggestive manner, in connection with the general subject of drainage of different classes of buildings. The readout can also be electronic in nature, which facilitates computer tabulation of individual tenant water consumption. One apartment occupant might use a relatively large quantity of hot water, while another apartment occupant might use substantially less hot water. A water supply system for an apartment complex can include individual hot water conduits and cold water conduits for each apartment. 1 are merely representative of any number of dwelling units that might be located in the building. 4 shows another water meter assembly that can be used in practice of the invention. Each meter has a horizontally oriented inlet pipe 52 and a horizontally oriented outlet pipe 54. There are no ongoing software or support fees required. One problem for the building owner is that it is difficult to know, or determine, the hot water consumption for each individual apartment. An example is the provision of a tap at a sink supplying water directly from the incoming water … Typically, the water meter is located outside the apartment building. It is highly accurate, long life, has data logging capability, is highly tamper resistant, Easy to install in any orientation, light weight, compact, and has no lead content. For large apartment buildings, office buildings, etc., it is far more satisfactory and more economical to provide a large tank heated by a special heater. 1 is advantageous in that the building owner is able to determine the hot water consumption and cold water consumption for each apartment in the apartment complex. On ordinary work, the hot-water supply is run from the hot-water main, and ends at the fixture which it supplies. A hinged door (not shown) would normally close opening 59. An abrupt increase in water consumption (hot or cold water) is an indication of a suspected water leak, e.g. It is proven that people use less water when metered and they have to account and pay for what they use. Each unit represents a specific dwelling unit (or apartment) in the building. The meter reads are either immediately or in batch sent to the Kamstrup READy Secure Cloud Suite server and are ready for billing. Thus, if there were 20 apartments, a main having a supplying capacity equal to 40 1/2-in. For instance, many office buildings, hotels, etc., in the large cities, are of such great height that the pressure on the street mains is not sufficient to force water to the upper floors. The Kamstrup READy cloud based reading system for Android smart phones and tablets, or the inexpensive and easy to use USB Reader. In another scenario, each ancillary water meter can be calibrated to measure very small water flow rates associated with water leakage conditions. Each apartment unit has its own hot water supply conduit 24, that connects to the common hot water header 22. The water supply system depicted in FIG. FIG. a dripping faucet or a toilet that will not stop running. The meter is used by the water utility company as a basis for billing the building owner for the total water usage by all the building tenants and cannot be used as a basis for determining individual tenant usage of cold or hot water. 2002 and entitled “Water Supply System for Multiple Dwelling Units”. The following table shows the approximate number of 1/2-in. FIG. For example, in a typical apartment building having four floors, there might be ten apartments per floor, making a total of forty apartments in the building. As read, the dots disappear until all meters are read. By linking the meter electronic readouts to a computer, it is possible to let the computer make the desired computations and tabulations. The schematic depicted in FIG. Both Fuller and self-closing work closes very quickly, and water, being almost incompressible, forms a very poor cushion to receive the shock. Each water meter has a vertically oriented inlet pipe 52 and a vertically oriented outlet pipe 54. The main meter at the building water intake provides information only on the cold water flow into the building. The following will be of service in estimating the necessary size of main to perform given amounts of work. A keyboard, as the above arrangement is called, is a very convenient thing, especially on large work, and is much used in nice residences, apartment buildings, office buildings, etc. Also available from Amazon: Modern Plumbing Illustrated. In the use of range boilers on the direct or street-pressure system, supplies are taken directly to the boilers, while in the use of the tank system the supply for the boilers is taken direct to the tank and from that point delivered to the boilers below. individual apartment units in a multi-apartment building. The conditions in very high buildings are of a special nature, often requiring special apparatus. FIG. 4 shows a unitary water meter assembly 50, wherein the water flows vertically as it approaches and departs the respective meter. PATENT EXPIRED DUE TO NONPAYMENT OF MAINTENANCE FEES UNDER 37 CFR 1.362. In a great many systems this question could not be figured out in this way. Impeller rotation is related to rate of water flow. Kamstrup USB Reader - The USB reader is a small USB stick device. Air chambers properly placed will often entirely remedy this trouble. 2) measures a very slow flow rate. Any meters with info codes like leaks, tampers, or burst are shown as alerts. Various meter styles or types can be used for ancillary meters 30 and 32. This application claims the benefit of U.S. Large hot-water boilers are generally of the horizontal pattern, hung from the cellar timbers by heavy wrought-iron hangers.

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