wd my passport wireless ssd

The combination of both wired and wireless tech in this drive means there’s a lot of ways to get things onto – or off – its internal storage. On the positive side, the transfer process was still faster and the battery discharge was still far more efficient compared to what I had previously seen on the Gnarbox. Once the unit is set up on your wireless network, you can connect to it through its web interface. For a laptop user, having a built-in SSD with an SD card slot would be sufficient, since power could be provided through the USB port. You will receive a verification email shortly. David, that’s what I have been doing for a while now, except I don’t copy from one card to another – I shoot to both cards at the same time (backup mode), and save them in my memory card holder turned upside down. Terms of Use. It is a built to be a rugged device that can survive quite a bit of abuse, including occasional bumps and drops (it is not water or dust-proof though). Solid State Durability After the unit got fully charged, I pressed the power button to start it up, and while it was starting up, I installed the “WD My Cloud” app from the App Store. Thanks again. (We say “theoretically” because we hit some snags with 4K footage — more on that in the Performance section.). LumaFusion is a professional video and effects editor for iPhone and iPad, empowering creators with multi-track editing, color correction, audio-tuning, and more. To start, you just connect via Wi-Fi using the details printed on a sticker on the drive’s top, then login via a web browser on PC or Mac, or the WD My Cloud app on a mobile device. In theory you simply insert a card into the drive’s slot, after which any photos or videos are automatically copied over without further interaction. Get the app on Google Play or the Apple App Store. 4.As used for transfer rate, megabyte per second (MB/s) = one million bytes per second. Those features make the drive a more-than-capable media server and its pre-installed Twonky server will also let you stream files to any DLNA-capable player. Thanks for the thoughtful review. My plan is to dump from SD card onto the SSD and to process off the SSD with Lightroom Mobile (yes I have a CC account) and then to save the processed files back to the SSD. Below is the layout of all the ports and buttons on the device: As you can see, there is a dedicated power button, along with an SD / Battery button that is used to check battery level, or start copying the contents of an inserted SD card. 122 D850 foto’s tool 14 minutes. The chart, along with the information to the right of it, will display how much content you are storing on the device, grouped by type. Offer limited to 1 per new Adobe user account. One of the features of the WD My Passport Wireless SSD is ability to install cloud services from different providers to the WD My Cloud app. This drops down lower at ~152Mbits when using the WD Wireless HDD in a WiFi hotspot mode. For 1Tb SSD, and the RAV, and the USB Hub, i spend about 370 EUR, and gives me more options than the WD My Passport – think thats about 520 EUR for 1Tb and does not allow me to copy from XQD. To reach the benchmark numbers provided below, you will need to plug the included USB cable into the device (with the micro USB 3.0 end), and plug the other USB Type A end into your computer. Once you’ve got the images from your camera’s SD card transferred, you can view them on your smartphone or tablet via the My Cloud app, without needing to go anywhere near a computer. Internet connection and Adobe ID required. Receive news and offers from our other brands? For wired access to files from a PC or Mac, all you need to do is plug the provided cable into your laptop or desktop's USB port — ideally, a USB 3.0 or faster one in order to be able to take full advantage of those SSD transfer speeds. This essentially means that if you use other type of media such as XQD, CFast or SD UHS-II, you will be stuck with unbelievably slow transfer rates! My Passport Wireless SSD creates its own fast 802.11ac WiFi connection so you can wirelessly connect to your drive to access and view saved photos or smoothly stream 4K video directly to your phone or tablet using the My Cloud app. {{customPromotionInfo.ctaLabel}}, {{inventory.prices.sale.amountFormatted}} For the budget conscious customers, there is an alternative device called “Little Backup Box” that will set you back for less than $30.00. So, my crude tests indicate a 3 fold increase in IO if one uses a USB connection compare to WiFi. What really baffles me, however, is the fact that WD used a USB 2.0 Port for external drive and memory card reader connectivity. / {{inventory.prices.sale.billingPlanName}}. Take it on a long trip, continuously streaming videos on the road or in flight. Below the setup tabs you will find a nice summary of what’s going on in the device. There are a number of important options in those tabs and you might want to go through each one individually. Compatible with Windows® 10, 8.1 or 7, Mac OS® X El Capitan, Sierra, or High Sierra. As used for storage capacity, one gigabyte (GB) = one billion bytes and one terabyte (TB) = one trillion bytes. For access via a computer and web browser, you log onto the My Cloud dashboard by entering either http://MyPassport/ or on Windows 10, 8.1 and 7 machines, or either http://MyPassport.local/ or on macOS. While I was pretty unhappy about how slow Gnarbox backs up images from SD cards, I wondered how WD My Passport Wireless SSD would do in comparison. While inserting and removing memory cards, I encountered a few bugs with the unit. To get support for the latter, you’ll need to own one of the handful of high-end pro DSLRs from Canon or Nikon which have built-in FTP support, or a camera which is compatible with a wireless file transmitter attachment. Setting up the My Passport Wireless SSD is a breeze. September 13, 2018, 8:03am #1. Hello, How do you go about copy images from the WD passport using the ports provided to a external drive? Offer limited to 1 per new Adobe user account. Now you can edit, organize, store, and share your full-resolution images from anywhere! Bring it on an all-day shoot, stay out in the field longer. The WD My Passport Wireless SSD is designed to backup the contents of SD memory cards in the field, without the need for a laptop or an AC power supply. These blink in sequence, moving from one light to two, three and then four as the job progresses. It was slow and the battery would drain fast. sorry – your WD My Passport test does allow External XQD readers. Think Tank (and others) design many such packs engineered to fit under commercial airline seats, or easily in the overhead bins. Final Shipping and Taxes calculated at checkout, By submitting your email, you acknowledge Western Digital's, This form is protected by reCAPTCHA and the Google, {{relatedProducts[sessionRelatedproduct.code].pageTitle}}, {{relatedProducts[sessionRelatedproduct.code].minPricedSKU.amountFormatted}}. valid email address. You can use either to set up and connect to the drive, but 5GHz is the better choice because of the extra speed it can offer. so that gives about 450-500Photo’s /hr. That means that, as long as your media files are saved within certain preset folders, you can watch videos via most smart TVs, or on a video app like VLC on your computer, or any media-streaming box. You’ll be better off using the provided USB 3.0 cable to access files directly on a PC or Mac. Hi, will an attached XQD sony card reader work with Western Digital My Passport Wireless SSD 500GB (nikon z7) cheers Chris, Why do reviewers not specify what raw speed the 802.11ac is specified to deliver. If you do not want to connect to the device and you want to charge it up instead, simply eject the media, and the device will switch to charge mode automatically. Ron, yes, it can be copied – at abysmal speeds, since you are limited to the USB 2.0 port. Used a Lexar 2933x 64Gb XQD card with about 950 photo’s of D850, about 50-55Mb/each – thats about 50Gb. WD MyPassport Wireless SSD. Interestingly, the write speed was also pretty similar – I was able to get 384.9 MB/sec sequential write speed. At its core, the Wireless SSD offers the travelling photographer a way to backup and browse through photos. FiLMiC Pro is an advanced video camera for mobile used by professionals all over the world. MY PASSPORT ™ WIRELESS SSD. NSW 2059. Mark, I think you’ve misunderstood the primary use of the devices such as Gnarbox and My Passport Wireless SSD. During this process I experienced a number of bad bugs related to the app, one of which was the “File not found” error, which kept on showing up after I marked images for deletion. With USB-C becoming the defacto standard for connecting digital devices, it would have been nice to see WD to upgrade the Wireless SSD’s onboard socket to USB-C, instead of just leaving users with USB-C-only laptops in the lurch. While going through the setup process, I was asked if I wanted to automatically back up photos and videos on my iPhone. Being USB 2.0 only though, transferring from external storage devices is slow – 2.0 transfer speeds max out at about 33MB/s, which is less than 10% of the speed the onboard SSD supports. a D500 25Mb NEF took about 6 sec to copy, a D850 55Mb NEF took about 7 sec to copy. My Passport Wireless. Just to see how the speed of USB 2.0 would compare to a backup process using the built-in SD card reader, I connected my Lexar USB 3.0 memory card reader to the device, then inserted the same 128 GB card with 53 GB of data, to see how long it would take to copy this data. Does it do incremental backups of multiple memory cards shot with different cameras? Unfortunately, the results were very disappointing – it took a total of 34 minutes and 12 seconds to back up the same data, something it was able to do at less than half the time with the built-in SD card reader. Nasim, Really appreciate the review – that is exactly what I was looking for. Aside from its large and bulky size, my biggest gripe is with the I/O ports that Western Digital incorporated into the unit. © Sharmishta Sarkar, The My Passport™ Wireless SSD is an all in one portable drive that helps preserve photos and videos captured on your cameras and drones. I thought it would be a good idea to give it a shot, but this turned out to be a pretty bad idea at the end. You can also store music and video files on the drive. No problem. A convenient USB 2.0 port and the one-touch copy button let you easily transfer files from compatible card readers and external USB storage devices. There was a problem. Lastly, you will find the model of your device, along with the firmware on the bottom of this screen. Our only major gripe is that WD’s stuck with the older-style USB micro-B socket to deliver power and data to the drive. Keep in mind that the same four LED lights on the top left side of the unit that are used to check the charge progress are also used during the SD card backup process.

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