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Merlin Risk Adjustment
Version 6.0 has arrived, making Merlin MRA better than ever. Check out the highlights below and learn more about what Merlin MRA can do for your Medicare Advantage business.
Merlin Medicare Risk Adjustment 6.0
  Whats New:
  • HCC Helper 1.0 is released for Apple iPhone
  • Merlin Medicare Risk Adjustment 6.0 is released for Medicare Advantage Plans
  • HCC Helper 1.0 is a FREE application, designed to help Medical Coding
6.0 Highlights
New Merlin Medicare Risk Adjustment 6.0 is redesigned with:
  • Improved Suspecting Engine
  • Financial Management Tools
  • HCC Management Tools
  • Online Scheduling
  • Improved Auditing Applications
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HCC Helper 1.0
There are 5500 plus ICD9 codes that are HCC relevant, it's impossible to remember them all, that's why we developed the HCC helper. It gives you a helping hand when trying to remember some of those less often used ICD9 codes.

HCC Helper also tells you the additional codes (codes manifestation) you need while coding a particular ICD9. For instance while coding 250.4, you also need to code 581.81, 583.81 etc.

HCC Helper is available FREE for iPhone users.
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Customer Speaks
Version 6.0 enables us to dramatically improve our ROI. It gives us better visibility to our member data and provides detailed analytics that allow us to make the best use of the resources we allocate to capturing the chronic conditions of our complex member base.

The technology employed to create our secure dashboard simplifies our ability to conduct reconciliations and avoid missed opportunities. Congratulations to Storan on this impressive upgrade!
Kathy Cortez
Vice President, Operations
Fidelis SeniorCare

Medical Coding Consultants

The Medicare risk adjustment payment system uses clinical coding information (HCCs) to calculate risk premiums for Medicare Managed Care Organizations (MCOs). The CMS Medicare reimbursement system is fairly complicated and requires the MCO to be able to monitor historical, current and future data in order to determine reimbursement. Medicare and HCC Management process in itself does nothing to maximize your Medicare reimbursement, it simply allows you to monitor and hopefully estimate your future and mid year payments. In order to maximize your Medicare reimbursements you will need to conduct three other activities:
  • Retrospective Audits
  • Prospective Audits
  • Provider Education
These are the corner stones of a Medicare and HCC Management Program. Needless to say each one of these activities can be broken down into their respective subtasks, including suspect generation etc.

The bottom line is that even if a Medicare Advantage Plan has a sound knowledge of the reimbursement process, it will require significant effort and efficient tools to generate a positive impact on CMS reimbursement.

Relying on a trusted vendor for these technological and administrative aspects allows you to focus on your core competencies: marketing and enrollment, educating providers on new programs and community outreach. STORAN offers all the necessary technology out of the box freeing up your valuable IT resources. Their comprehensive Medicare Risk Adjustment and HCC Management software and our Medicare Coding Consultants (to help audits and provider education) provide you with everything from automated Health Risk Assessments thru financial performance and modeling and everything in between. It is no wonder that STORAN have processed over two point eight million charts reviews. STORAN can provide you the exact solutions you need to maximize your plansí Medicare Advantage reimbursement.
Medical Coding Consultants
Storan Technologies Inc., offers wide range of Medicare Risk Management services to Medicare Advantage Plans around United States. Storan Technologies Medicare Risk Management product is known as Merlin Medicare Risk Adjustment. Medicare Advantage Plans utilize Merlin Medicare Risk Adjustment for:
  • Comprehensive in depth financial analysis like revenue forecasting, delayed and lost revenue and revenue history at member and plan level
  • Identify charts and physician for retrospective audits using a comprehensive suspecting engine based pharmacy, missing HCCs and ICD9 based statistical rules
  • Detailed chart history of each individual with details like ICD9, Date of Service, Part C HCC, Part D HCC, Factor Value and Provider who diagnosed it with a single click
  • Comprehensive Retrospective audit tools available to Schedule, Track and Manage the complete process of retrospective audit
  • Reports to monitor Retrospective audit and its financial impacts for Plan
  • Comprehensive Provider Education Reports
  • Automated RAPS generation process aided with de-duplication, identification and correction of RAPS errors
  • Fully encrypted and secure file sharing and data transfer
  • All reports are easily exportable to Excel and PDF
All these services and many more are available in Merlin Medicare Risk Adjustment in an encryption and security HIPPA compliant user friendly web interface which does not require any installation or configuration at your end and its available on a wide range of plat forms like you can access it using any web browser FireFox, Chrome, Safari or Internet Explorer from your Windows or MAC machine or even from your iPhone. Merlin Risk Adjustment is using HIPPA compliant an encryption and security

Merlin Risk Adjustment is also available in desktop version for retrospective audits. It can work without internet connectivity. It only requires internet connectivity for synchronization with Storan secure data servers in order to retrieve and post retrospective audit data

Call us today at 636.477.7701 option 1 to find out how you can implement a HCC Management system in as little as four days or for a live demo of Merlin Risk Adjustment

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